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  • Publiceret: 24 dec. 2017
  • Opdateret: 4 jan. 2018
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we fight individual fights, within
what do you feel like, inside?

a part of this is very sexual. if you get offended, dont read.


17. lisa

Lisa you did something for me
Probably unknowingly,

I told you several times
That your positivity get me high,

When you text me on the ride
I just can't stop my smile,

Girl I aint saying I love you
Cause that wouldnt be true,

You can make me feel blessed
As if I aint next,

Next in line
I feel close to the edge of my time,

Right now White Wine goes on repeat
nspireres me to climb up my leash,

I produce this kind of verbal in 3 minuttes
It helps me in the process of healing.

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