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  • Publiceret: 24 dec. 2017
  • Opdateret: 4 jan. 2018
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we fight individual fights, within
what do you feel like, inside?

a part of this is very sexual. if you get offended, dont read.


3. b r a i n-i n s i d e-o u t

I am called a genius
But I aint Jesus,

I often feel in the middle of gunfire
A happy life is all I ever desired,

I am a loner
I am not a fucking poser,

Most teens are misunderstood
So they dont ever feel good,

For many people I have been a savior
But I just want to lay down,

Will you set me free?
Or will you take advantage, and leave?

My pedestal is not very high
So I have trouble at a smile,

I never rasied myself on top of you
I am not a fool,

White supremacy
Is nothing for me


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