My Hero

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  • Publiceret: 14 dec. 2017
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Min engelsk stil. Er ikke så god til engelsk, men skriv gerne rettelser i kommentaren :)


1. Torchbearer

So, I’m about to nominate a person to be the torchbearer of the Olympic games 2018. Before I tell her name, or who the girl is to me, I would like to tell why I think she should get this honor.

She was born in 1998, which means she’s 19 years old now. So, know you might think, how could a person, in an age of only 19, be the most inspiring person in my life?  Grab your popcorn, and let’s start her story.

Hers mom is a lovely woman, and the man who is like a dad to her, loved her more than everything on the earth. Her biologic dad is an anonymous donor, so she wasn’t a oops from a night with too much alcohol, but a wish who finally came true. In the age of 3, did she got a little sister, and already there, did she put herself in the second line.

The family loved each other, but nothing last forever, and when the girl was 6 years old, did the parents separate, and short time after, did her mom fall in love with a new man, her stepfather. Sadly, was he very sick, and with years of tours to the hospital, came the day. They had to face that cancer had won, and again took another life.

The mom was broken. The little sister got anxiety and OCD. The girl had to hold up her head for her family.  She only cried when she was alone, and her mom didn’t notice because she had to deal with her little sister’s problems. The little sister got everything she wanted. It was a way her mom tried to make her happy. The girl didn’t ask for anything. She got a job as soon as she could, so she could pay for her own things. She was always at home, because the little sister couldn’t be alone. She helped her mom in the house, and never complained about it. She always put herself in second line, without even thinking about it. She saved her family when it was broken. The girl I’m talking about, is my sister. She’s absolutely the most inspiring person I’ve ever met, and if anyone should get this big honor, should it definitely be her. Her story might not be life changing for a thousand of people, but I really think she deserve a moment to shine, just so she finally would know how thankful I am for her being I my life, and how much I hope, everyone has a person like her in their lives.


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