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  • Publiceret: 8 apr. 2018
  • Opdateret: 18 apr. 2018
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Poetry about my consciousness. About my spiritual awakening. About feelings, we all have them - don't deny your true identity.

I have come to realize and understand, that we all are just one. I rest in myself, because I've learned to forgive the ego that defines me.

I love you <3 And I support the choices you may take, on your mission to survive.


4. Society & them

School wants to control you my guy, wake up
They cant sustain us, but let 'em believe they in the top,

Yo so this system fucked me hard, repeatedly done it again
Thinking I'm weak, believing I'll give up in the end,

Using the educational system for my advantage, not theirs
You can't plant my ass, never in a chair,

I wont lie, I see a figure in my friends farther
Helped me see the world in vibrance, a little less darker,

You two always welcomed me in, I fucking love you both
''Promise me to find your self'' I will forever, it helps me cope,

I began seeing life so much better, experienced ego reduction
Such a blessing you dont even know, I'm no longer in destruction.


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