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  • Publiceret: 8 apr. 2018
  • Opdateret: 18 apr. 2018
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Poetry about my consciousness. About my spiritual awakening. About feelings, we all have them - don't deny your true identity.

I have come to realize and understand, that we all are just one. I rest in myself, because I've learned to forgive the ego that defines me.

I love you <3 And I support the choices you may take, on your mission to survive.


3. Methylphenidate 10mg

So I just got prescribed some ADHD medicine
Never have I tried getting high on ritalin, 

People said ''shit'll calm you down'', I assure you they wrong
Got my own ways to cope with it, done it for so long,

Turns out they work opposite on me, felt euphoria
Filled with energy from 10mg, studying, thought of my first girl Wiktoria,

I'm out climbing trees in my beautiful nature, they tried to take my will
Just make them believe, they think they can fix it with a pill,

Can't tie a rope around me, I'll just play cards with you
Trying to indoctrinate me, but my mind just grew,

Moms forever turned them down on my behalf, for so long
Moms forever know that her boy ain't wrong,

Putting speed on kids, you see how wrong they are?
Controlling all these beautiful minds, that shit is so bizzare.

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