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  • Publiceret: 8 apr. 2018
  • Opdateret: 18 apr. 2018
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Poetry about my consciousness. About my spiritual awakening. About feelings, we all have them - don't deny your true identity.

I have come to realize and understand, that we all are just one. I rest in myself, because I've learned to forgive the ego that defines me.

I love you <3 And I support the choices you may take, on your mission to survive.


7. Global manipulation

People have become weak-minded, we let ourselves partake
How can you not see through these manipulative ways?

People don't want to realize the truth, so they deny
I don't blame anyone, many who saw chose to die,

Let us break the world down, all the way to the building blocks
If you start to speak truth you'll be deemed insane and get shot,

We kill our own, but none of us really have to
Unite and stop this war before we'll lose,

If we only would stand up, only to say ''Money are worthless''
I can assure you they would go away, put on the bliss,

I've been asked ''How do you know these things?''
I'm so young, but realized this continuous ring,

It can be so hard, just wrapping your head around the truth
You decide what you want to believe, its what you choose,

I won't judge those who really can't comprehend,
But if you know this, why keep silent and blend(?),

We're the strongest force, stay together
WE can lift up the skies, clean up the weather,

Life is not paper, fucking ain't mansions
Let us force them down, let us ban them,

I no longer just see faces, listen to this
I only see beauty as it really is,

I won't lie, Lucy were my companion in that conclusion
I finally see through this damned illusion,

That does not mean I don't enjoy living, cause I do
I just don't want this square minded school,

When you're afraid, you'll be kept in control
Fear gets you doing what you're told.

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