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  • Publiceret: 8 apr. 2018
  • Opdateret: 18 apr. 2018
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Poetry about my consciousness. About my spiritual awakening. About feelings, we all have them - don't deny your true identity.

I have come to realize and understand, that we all are just one. I rest in myself, because I've learned to forgive the ego that defines me.

I love you <3 And I support the choices you may take, on your mission to survive.


2. Free, at last

I finally left my old life behind, it makes me feel good
Waves of euphoric feelings, nothing I want to lose,

I no longer find a lust to do drugs
I fought my way back, so I finally am able to love,

One, two or three thoughts race eachother at once
They're present since I'm no longer numb,

I cannot stop loving life for what it is
I am so happy I've begun living like this,

I see so much beauty all around
Prettier colors and beautiful sounds,

I am so happy I didn't quit before my time
I dont need weed, oxygen gets me high.

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