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  • Publiceret: 8 apr. 2018
  • Opdateret: 18 apr. 2018
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Poetry about my consciousness. About my spiritual awakening. About feelings, we all have them - don't deny your true identity.

I have come to realize and understand, that we all are just one. I rest in myself, because I've learned to forgive the ego that defines me.

I love you <3 And I support the choices you may take, on your mission to survive.


6. For those in need

Listen up, my most beautiful experien-z
How I realized theres more to life than popping benz,

Remember waking up, almost about to cry out of hopelessness
I felt so horrible, no matter how hard I try its something I can't adress,

I used to put all my faith in people, it was so dumb
Felt worthless to my bitter heart, believed I were a scum,

But then some day, shit flipped around
I am so happy I didnt end it, I'm still here to make a sound,

Listen up I want to tell you something
Please stay on this earth, is suicide what you're wanting?

To me you shouldn't change, you are so perfect
I know it's easier to quit, it'll hurt less,

Refrain from hurting yourself, let me hug you away from this cold
The gravity of your life is so huge, you're just an emotionally trapped soul,

Remove your mask, show me your identity
Otherwise you can't ever experience beautiful synergy,

You're living life on lend time, please don't waste it all at once
I don't want to see you die, I don't want to see  you numb,

The quest is something you've been giving, go find the road
Forget about all those people, forget about what you've been told,

No matter how hard people try, don't let them kill what you're feeling
Nature & I love you so much, you're a beautiful being.

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