stranger tides - dude

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  • Publiceret: 15 nov. 2017
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this is a story about - how even the gods cannot predict the future... and how chaotic it can be.


9. Wounds deeper

Wounds deeper

Loki cries himself to sleep every night and Thor and Sif tries to comfort him as much as they can, but how can they heal the wound - they do not know themselves? It is harder than they thought and in the end - Zeus is the one with the answer... He sends Loki to Hades... where Dude is. Traveling to the underworld - is not easy, but Loki does so anyway and when he sees Dude... He breaks down crying at his son's cold stare. Feeling someone hugging him - Loki raises his head... Only to look straight into Dude's lonely eye, which is now has a softer touch to it and he tries to comfort his father.

"Don't cry over me, father - I was already broken at the age of one... There is really nothing to save here."

"But... but... But I could have done something, back then!"

"No... Father... The others were too paranoid about me... There was really nothing you could have done, but I'm grateful for that you tried."

Dude lets Loki cry out on his shoulder and start to sing softly, while everyone else is quite awkward as they are not used to seeing, the normal quit proud God - so broken down... He is crying. Half an hour later - Loki has fallen asleep and surprisingly, Dude can carry his, at the moment father, to another room... where he can sleep in peace. Nero and Dude discuss what to do - while Loki sleeps... They are not sure, what the others will think about Dude and, so they stay at Hades place - also it is hard to kill something that is already dead.


Loki decides to stay as well... And Hades jokes about the underworld being awfully full of living gods - everyone gets in a good mood again. Here - the evil rests easily and has an easier time, no one judges you for having a troublesome past. In fact – it is a common thing here as most of the evils are misfits and broken down dolls… however a few – are in fact true evil and those few… terrorise the rest till they can last no longer and submit to the darkness. Dude and Nero dance – alone and they have lots of fun. No one truly understands – evil does not always come from within… it can be forced into your soul like eating the poisoned apple, without knowing what you are doing – until it is too late and you cannot even feel guilt anymore.

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