stranger tides - dude

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  • Publiceret: 15 nov. 2017
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this is a story about - how even the gods cannot predict the future... and how chaotic it can be.


10. War maybe?

War maybe?

The whole pack is holding a meeting about, what to do now. They can all agree – somethings got to happen as tension is rising among the gods… it is like a war is about to happen, but no one Dares to start it, as punishment will follow, if the stating part – lose the war. They want to stop it – before the war even starts, but how? A war among the gods would be a catastrophe on an entirely new level – no one really wants to happen… however no one likes each other, either way. They bicker and yell at each other – for no reason. Most gods are tired of the other gods… except for the evil ones, they are not tired of each other for they understands each other more than anyone else… they have a kind of bond – no one can see, but everyone is aware of. The good gods does not have the same connection – as they have different goals and morals… even more than the bad guys have – and it is unlikely, that the so called good gods… ever will be able to get the same kinds of morals and ideals.

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