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  • Publiceret: 15 nov. 2017
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this is a story about - how even the gods cannot predict the future... and how chaotic it can be.


8. The evil within

The evil within

Dude does not want to be evil... At the moment and tries to cover it with a fairy tale, but does it work? No, it does not - but it does hide, how bad it is. Nero can see it all and it scares him - how much Dude is spiralling into darkness and a sinister kind of sanity, there is no hope anymore - he thinks. Even Thor is tricked and Dude gets to suffer in silence of his own masterpiece. He spends more time carving wood figurines than before - not a good sign. For now... When he carves a wood figurine - it means he has made a kill and it more often than they know. Dude carves a wood figurine of the victim - he has murdered. He is not a gentle serial killer - the abuse, Dude has endured... Has now seeped into his mind and has poisoned it. Nero is scared and does not know, what to do - for even he is muscular, is he by far... Not the stronger of the two and that scares him more than ever.


Dude is almost no longer himself anymore. When they finally discover, how bad it is - Dude and Nero is gone... without a trace. Loki is scared, what is going to happen? He simply does not know. They try to find them - try to make them come back, but they have sunk into the ground.


At Hades place... is where to find the couple, where they talk with Hades himself and Persephone.

"Honestly Dude - I'm surprised, you have not gone evil before... With all the things you have been through."

Comments Persephone and Hades nods and continues.

"Yes... It also means you have an unusually strong soul, it is also surprising - you have not treated Nero badly."

"Off cause - I would never do that, why should I do so?"

"There is no 'off cause' when you're evil... For example - we are not the greatest couple either."

Explains Persephone and looks at Nero before asking - very much curious.

"Why is it you stay with Dude? Is it really because of love?"

"Yes - I cannot help, but love him... Even now, with all the things he has done."

Answers Nero, while smiling and Persephone agree - it is the same with her and Hades. They talk calmly for hours about their experience with murder and what not, when Zeus enters the underworld to talk with Hades and gets a chock - Dude and Nero is there!


There is, so much a God does not understand and one of the things - is how someone becomes evil... Or why they do evil things.

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