stranger tides - dude

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  • Publiceret: 15 nov. 2017
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this is a story about - how even the gods cannot predict the future... and how chaotic it can be.


6. The catch

The catch

One day, while fishing - a random Jotun manage to kidnap Dude... Now they are in trouble as they do not know to where or why for that matter. They search for hours - with no luck and they are getting desperate... After days of searching, they are close at giving up. When a messenger arrives and tells them this.

"You have to a few months before we deliver Dude back... That is then we are done with him."

"I cannot wait for so long - for my boyfriend!"

The messenger stares at Nero - scared of his life and ends up, running away due to fright.


In the meantime... In Niflheimr - where everything is cold, Dude is freezing, but the anger inside keeps him alive. He bangs on the door to his prison cell, but all he gets is silence as he has been isolated and the loneliness is killing him... fuelling the flame further. However he does not descend into madness... In fact - his mind is getting awfully clear, the more time he spends alone and the more clear it gets... The more sinister thoughts are uncovered - along with fury. After just a week - Dude is getting, so much out of control... He melts the world of ice to a pool of hot water. Dude is part fire Jotun, after all and most of his magic is based on fire... So it is not a good idea for ice Jotuns to catch him - he just turned their entire world into a hot spring... Not so healthy for things made of ice. Dude hovers over the hot waters... It would not be a good idea to swim, or returning to Asgard for that matter - for a while at least, until he has cooled down again. He takes a trip to muspelheim... The news has already spread of an unstoppable force, which is Dude and the fire Jotuns does not dare to say no to the overpowered god. Actually they think he is awesome and they try to make him their leader, but he misses Nero - who cannot survive the hot temperatures of the world made of fire. Dude travels home... to Asgard.

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