stranger tides - dude

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  • Publiceret: 15 nov. 2017
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this is a story about - how even the gods cannot predict the future... and how chaotic it can be.


7. Home


At the gates of Asgard - dude is greeted by Heimdahl with slight nervousity.

"Greetings Dude - no need to explain, we have already heard, what happened from Hugin and Munin... To say the least - we are all scared to death of your powers now."

"No need to be so... I would never hurt my friends, however the one deciding to go after anyone - I treasure... will not survive."

Comments Dude with a seriousness - that would scare any human into death. With that Dude enters Asgard... The moment Nero sees him - he hugs him half to the grave and exclaims loudly.

"Dude! I was soo worried for you... I almost went mad from it!"

"But I'm home now... If I have taken home earlier - Asgard would have gone up in flames. I need to control myself better; my anger is more dangerous than I thought."

Nero is still happy for seeing his lover coming back, though he is concerned for what Dude said - however he does not ask about it. Then they get to Thor's halls - Dude is bombarded with questions and Dude answers way too calmly... Something has changed and it is not for the positive... at all. It seems he is growing outright evil and in such a degree - even Loki is scared.


They do not know whether to mourn or celebrate - as Dude is back, but not as the one they knew... much more calculating and deceiving than before. What happened to him - during the time he was gone? They really do not want to know... They think it is horrible, but what can turn twisted innocence into something much more sinister than even Loki is... Isolation can. When Nero finds out, what happened - he gets angry at himself for not protecting Dude better as he does not know, where he got the now maniac or, what his plans are. Dude is not even sure himself, but there is one thing he knows... Tonight him and Nero are getting laid. The day after they are full of bruises and bite marks - both scared of Dude's development into something more sadomasochistic than, what good is... The Nordic Gods does not know what to do, neither do all the other gods... This has taken a turn - nobody likes, not even Dude Himself does and deals with lots of bad guilt.

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