stranger tides - dude

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  • Publiceret: 15 nov. 2017
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this is a story about - how even the gods cannot predict the future... and how chaotic it can be.


4. Good changes?

Good changes?

While they walk - Loki is in deep thought - why did he let it happen... He has a bad conscious about it all.

"Don't feel too bad about this - there is no way you could have known, what happened to your son."

Finally comments Nero... Slowly, the all too short and all too thin, Dude wakes up again - looking around confused, why are they inside and why is he in a bed?

"You have been unconscious for a few hours, Dude... So we have travelled to Thor's home and put you somewhere more comfortable, than what is available outside."

Explains the all too calm, Nero. Dude is still too dizzy to understand, but smiles either way at Nero... then asks.

"Why are you not in this bed too? Since it is comfortable?"

Nero chuckles and answers light hearted... before climbing into bed with Dude.

"Cause that would be creepy, silly."

Dude laughs before snuggling into Nero's rather broad chest... They talk quietly for hours... about everything and nothing.

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