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  • Publiceret: 15 nov. 2017
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this is a story about - how even the gods cannot predict the future... and how chaotic it can be.


2. Changing tides

Changing tides


Then... One night, when Dude is twenty years old, while on a mission - he meets the charming Nero, whom offers him a cup of expresso... Dude does not understand why, Nero would take a mobster home, but then they start talking with each other and he understands - it is curiosity.

"Sooo... Dude, how did you become a part of the Italian Mafia?"

"I was forced... But really - do not tell anyone!"

"Don't worry... I will not tell anyone, Dude."

Then Nero moves closer - so he sits beside Dude and kisses his forehead. Stiffening - Dude is not used to gentle touches... Barely even aware of their existence. Nero notice and lifts his head, so he can see Dude's eyes... Then he gets worried for the other young man. For the confusion shines brightly from the mobster's eyes - he does not know gentleness and care.

"Have you ever been treated nice?"

"Does giving me drugs, when I have completed missions, count?"

Nero stares at Dude like he has grown another head... And then asks - now more than concerned.

"Do you truly count that as - nice?"

Dude nods slightly and Nero is in disbelief... How can someone get treated, so badly - they consider giving drugs - a nice act? So Nero wraps his arms around the so called 'most evil mobster' and whisper gently into his ear.

"You'll never be alone again... Nor a mobster."

Dude does not understand, what is going on and just sits there, widening his lonely eye. Trying to comprehend, what is even going on - trying to think of a reason, why. Dude is not exactly the prettiest around - with purple scaring and a missing eye... And eye lids for that eye, so the eye's socket is visible. Dude has been told - only pretty people deserve to be treated nice... So why does Nero not follow the rule? When Dude asks - that is when Nero realizes... Not all villains are actually evil, they just do not know better. None of them are exactly at the top of society, but at least does Nero know the nicer sides of life... whereas Dude is less lucky.

"Let's get you off those horrible drugs... And get you a bath."

Comments Nero and gently coax Dude into the bathroom. Nero finds an eye patch, so they can avoid getting water into Dude's eye socket. While bathing - Dude hears for the first time... whispered into his ear, gentle as the summer rain in the middle of July.

"You're pretty in my eyes. Even with the missing eye and scarring... those things make you unique."

Nero is truthful and Dude cuddles into the Italian... And he is muscular, but not too muscular and handsome with brown deer eyes and a well-toned tan... His long hair is usual tied in a low pony tail. They finish the bath... Nero begins to make dinner for the two, in only boxers and Dude is in an oversized white shirt... Making him look grotesquely cute, since he does not get a lot of food - dude is ever thinner than what is healthy... But his magical abilities are beyond compare.


Then they try to figure out - how to help Dude out of his huge problems and it is not easy, when he is a world famous criminal. Nero is a sailor and has a steady income... That does not rely on drugs, but is it enough for two? Either way, it has to... For Dude cannot get a job anywhere in the world - for what he has done, is not something people would forgive easily... Even if they knew the abuse - Dude has been through. Dude is his own worst enemy and even though, he needs help - he cannot get it... So he has to fight, without any professional help. Nightmares are like the plaque and that keeps Dude from sleeping in his own room. Then there is the abstinence - he has, when awake. But he is not entirely alone - Nero has strong shoulders and is able to deal with Dude... Even when he is at his worst and that says a lot, since addicted gods are the worst things - a human can experience in this world. They can throw tantrums like earthquakes and straight after - become, so blue... They try to commit suicide and back again. Nero's sanity is more solid than a rock, so to speak, while Dude's sanity is barely even there to begin with and the abstinence does not make it better, so all he can do... Is cling onto Nero - like he is life, and he is... for Dude cannot - in reality - keep himself alive under these conditions. One minute - Dude is trying to destroy the entire building... And the other - he is trying to burn himself to the ground, it is a good thing Nero is not at sea.


Meanwhile... The world wonder - where is Dude? But they do not wonder if he is alright... No one does, for he is a villain in their eyes, not a victim.

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