stranger tides - dude

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  • Publiceret: 15 nov. 2017
  • Opdateret: 15 nov. 2017
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this is a story about - how even the gods cannot predict the future... and how chaotic it can be.


1. burning


The baby screams and the building Burns to the ground... for the third time, this day. For some reason – the building re-spawns every single time. No one knows, why... Not even the adoptive parents of the screaming baby. Chaos is not the ideal baby, though he is pretty and the adoptive parents gets more and more frustrated with each day – they think the baby is possessed by a demon and in the end, they deliver the baby to the Catholic church... who accepts the baby with open hands for they know the truth - that he is a Nordic/Greek god. Chaos does not calm down – he does the exact opposite, already knowing he is not in good hands... And he is right. Already from day one – they drug him, to calm him down... And to get him addicted at the young age of one - so it is easier to make him do as they say.

"Why? -Sniff- do I have to... I don't want to do so..."

Asks the crying Chaos and the cynical answer from the monk, makes his heart turn to stone – with time.

"Chaos... You're just a stepping stone for the Catholic Church - to gain worldwide power and not anything more."


Beatings and rape is not uncommon - in the beginning, Chaos cries... However as time flies - Chaos stops crying and starts to hate. Hate the thought of being touched and hate humans as a whole. At the age of ten... He Burns off the entire cathedral - to the ground. Running away - is the only option, he has left. The Mafia is on Chaos's trail and since the young God of addiction - is not strong, they quickly catch him.

"Ah ha, young man - you're not going anywhere."

"Let me go!"

Then he lives, his second nightmare... Again - for years as they break him down, with outright torture and again rape... One of the things they do - is ripping out one of his eyes and put it in a jar with alcohol, so he can see his own eye being mummified slowly. The mafia bosses laughs - before commenting harshly.

"Ha, ha - what a cutie... Let's call him dude."

Now Dude is nothing more than a broken doll, nowhere to go - nowhere to hide and nothing inside. Only six-teen years old and already - an instrument of war on humanity. The Mafia has broken every last bit of sanity in Dude and he can no longer feel pain - the madness shines through his eye like a wildfire with the colours of ember. The years passes by like freight train on a path towards destruction and treating everyone roughly - for it is the only way, he knows for sure... He quickly becomes known for being the utter most evil mobster in all of history... In a red raincoat, made for women - oh by the way, nothing else. He does anything to survive, this nightmare called life. He tricks, cheats and kills - anything the Mafia orders him to do.

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