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  • Publiceret: 15 nov. 2017
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this is a story about - how even the gods cannot predict the future... and how chaotic it can be.


5. Bad habits die hard

Bad habits die hard

Sinking... Sinking slowly through an endless, colour less abyss - where nothing is real and nothing is fake. Dude is sinking in his dreams - deeper and deeper towards the death of everything just and good. Screaming himself awake - Nero is already awake and startled by the screaming of Dude. He's breathing is ragged and sounds like a chainsaw on steroids... He is sweating a flood and his single eye is wide open. There is somewhat silence - before Nero opens his mouth and asks.

"A nightmare? Oh... Is it one of the bad ones?"

Dude nods... still terrified to death. Nero hugs the abused God and pets his head slowly, while murmuring calm nonsense into dude's ear.


That morning is unusually calm... Like the dead in the grave. It gets everyone on their nerves as; there is usually chaos all around in Thor's halls. Even Loki is calm... Afraid to put - all too nervous Dude on the point of distress, but it is exactly the silence - that makes him, so nervous... So he starts to chat about the first thing on his mind - wood art.

"Do you guys know about carving wood into art?"

Dude asks, while rubbing his arm... Silence... So he continues.

"You know... Where you use a knife to make figurines out of a piece of wood?"

This time - Thor answers warmly.

"Ah, I do know, but I am not too good at it... I am better at hunting. Are you good at it?"

"Well... Sort off - I have done it a lot and I was thinking... if I could do, so here? To keep the bad thoughts at bay?"

"Off cause! You may make all the figurines, you want to!"

Thor enthusiasm - makes Dude smile and Loki shows him the way to the workplace... along with Nero, because he wants to watch. Nero is fascinated by the way, Dude works with the wood - quietly and steady. The details, dude get in the figurines - is amazing and Nero does not understand how he does it... even though he is watching. They sit quietly there for hours - just enjoying each other’s company.


In the meantime - the other gods are discussing, what to do with Dude, he does not seem to be improving... Whereas Loki is more positive over his son - he can see the improvement. Loki also knows - things take time... lots of time. For with the deep scars into Dude's soul... There are not big changes of full recovery, there is much a divine soul can take - however it has it limits. They discuss back and forth for hours... Reaching no solution, until Dude comes in and they see his smile - then they decide he should stay.... for now they can see the improvement. Dude looks around and his smile widens into a merry laugh... He sits down, along with Nero and they start to chat with the others.


Hours later... Dude can feel the urge to kill rise and it is not good, Nero can feel - something is not as it seems and he tricks Dude into their bedroom. There Nero takes over... Making Dude feels himself again and overcoming the urge, getting it covered with something else. Loki walks in on the two - getting clothes on again... And he chuckles, before leaving again. Dude is happy again... And so is Nero, they are slightly gay - alright, they are so gay... Their butts glitter and glow pink in the dark. Most of the Nordic gods - are actually pan-sexual and do not mind sharing... naughty, naughty.


However - there is a rising problem... Ragnarok should have been here, some centuries ago - but it has not and now the Nordic gods are wondering why. The Juthons lies in wait - waiting for just the right moment to strike. Meanwhile Dionysus is trying to get Dude... As he thinks - he is the right to heal his wounds. All of this happens at once... Making most of the gods confused, but that is there - Dude shows up to live to have been a mobster... He is quick at planning and it does not take long before, he has a plan ready and it is executed. Shortly after - peace settles again and the Nordic gods can focus on hunting and playing games.

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