stranger tides - dude

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  • Publiceret: 15 nov. 2017
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this is a story about - how even the gods cannot predict the future... and how chaotic it can be.


3. Asgard


There in the mist of the storm... There is a surprise and it is the Nordic gods - especially Loki, they have come to gather the 2... From what is basically hell and into Asgard, they go. Loki brings Dude close to himself and comments... Rather sadly.

"If just - I could have been there for you, my son..."

Dude is too stunned to say anything... He is not used to a caring father or mother? He is not sure, what Loki is to him - since he can change gender... Like others change underwear.

"Uhmmm... Sorry to ask, are you my mother or father - according to the myths, no one can be sure."

Loki laughs at his sons question and answers - for once truthfully.

"It is Dionysus, who is your father."

Nero and Dude himself... just nods - trying to understand how two men can make a baby. Then everyone else laughs and they take off to Asgard. Bifrost is not as short - as it seems at first... It is quite long in fact. Arriving at Asgard, Heimdahl greets them with a smile and lets the entire group through the gates. From seemingly out of nowhere - Nero hugs Dude from behind, because he can see, what is on the way and hopes... He is strong enough to keep Dude from jumping off the bridge. Stunned the Nordic gods can only watch as Dude struggles to die... However after a solid hour of struggling, he passes out in Nero's strong arms. Kissing Dude on the top of his head, before explaining to the shocked gods, what is going on.

"Dude's life... Has been far from easy, some of the key words are as follows: torture, rape and addiction. Not exactly the best combo for even a God... He is about as messed up as he can be."

Silence spreads... One question hangs in the air - how could Nero last for, so long? When Freya asks, Nero smiles and answers.

"I have a strong base and a rock-solid sanity... But it is hard. However - the few moments of smiles, is worth more than gold."

All of the gods smiles at his heart of gold. They each to their own homes - Nero carries Dude to Thor's home - quite easily for Dude is still too thin.

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