My words

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  • Publiceret: 20 okt. 2017
  • Opdateret: 1 jul. 2019
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Idk my words er nok alt mellem himmel og jord, digte ,følser, kort sagt mig.


12. Never Ever(om M) (ikke tænk på hvordan det stå men hvad jeg mener)

i never have truble get what i want but when it coms to you i`am never god enoght but i don´t care i can play like a Ken doll wont´t wash my hair make it bounch like a barsketball

i promis but i never knew the price i promis but i never knew the price.

show me how i cudt remeber how to give it i´am a tree in the wood nobody  hear me roar nobody  hear roar.

i shuld have know that i´m not the only one the person you where lookingfor-

show me that the human you don´t want to break.

i don´t know what i shuld do i don´t know what i shuld try to figuret out try to break free from all the bad memories they make scars deep inside my soul they they hurt soo deep inside i can´t even sleep

ther is nobody to help me up when i fall when i lose it all in front of evryone, nobodys coms to save me from my self becuse i can´t be free when evry thing hurt so deep inside of me i just want to break free

i need help i need hope but their is nothoing to do becuse i still love you forever and never igive you my heart. even when i know you will chasing me down until i only can see the dark.

i can´t breath untill i can be free i can´t even be me . just becuse you mean it´s fun to broke my heart, my life agin and agin you don´t even think think about me what i gonna be when you don´t want so set me free

you don´t even know how muts you hurt me how broken i can be and i diden´t say anything

when i hurts not becus of me becuse of you ther is nothing i can do to stop you from taring me apart to only let me se the break my heart.

the only thing i se now is fire, the fire that make evreything go up in flames fire i can`t chaange from destroing my life leve me alone in nobodys town all alone nobody to help me when i fall nobody to help when i smash my head agist the wall.

le me be.

set me free.

From the pain inside of me i can´t breath nobody to help me i´am all alone in a deep hole of pain and emotion.

inever give up.

i stop but i don´t want to give up it´s better to live in pain drink out my brain never give up i can´t stop it but i never give up

it is to esay for me i wanna fight and never, never give up

even when ther is no hope i still try to make thing ther are imposiball



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