Why Me?

Da en dansk pige ved navn Sofie Hansen er færdig med skolen, har hun længe overvejet at flytte til England. Hun vil prøve at finde et job derover, som barnepige. Hun skriver en annonce og hun kopier en masse, som hun hænger op i Londons gader. Hvad sker der, når hun får et opkald? Og siger hun ja til jobbet? Hvem møder hun? Bliver hun forelsket i en af drengene?
OBS: Der kan komme seksualitets scener. Zayn er ikke med i fanfictionen, da det er efter han gik ud af bandet. Dette er min første fanfiction, så jeg håber I kan lide den


6. Italy

Harrys Pov. (Denne afsnit er på engelsk. Og det kommer lidt dansk i mellem).

I woke up when Louis stood and brushed me a bit to wake me up. I opened my eyes "We're going to practice Perfect. We'll drive in 10 minutes. And you just tell me why you're so close and why you sleep together?". I smiled at him and nodded while trying to get up without waking her up. The time was only 7:00 am so it was too early for her to get up.

I came to our closets, and hurried to change clothes as we had to drive right away. I got clothes on and came out to the boys who waited for me. I'd rather send a sms to Sofie so she did not get scared when we're not in the bus when she wakes up.
 I saw Liam and Niall wait impatiently on me. "Why do you always take so long to get up and get clothes?" You knew we should go up and record on Perfect? ". "No, I did not know. I had not known anything else, or I'd been up at least half an hour before. But do not we just get out instead of standing here talking about it?" Louis, you wanted to talk to me?" "Yes, let's do it inside the car. Come on, we'll go on."

I sat in the car with the boys and Paul. I sat with Louis at the back of the car so we could talk with each other without being disturbed by the other boys. And that should not sound negative, but when Louis and I were to talk privately together, Liam and Niall, the little annoyances, had the idea that they should always mix in our conversations.


"Just tell me why you can’t let a girl be without having to start flirting with her. Don’t you ever try to put the flirt on the shelf, and then just be Harry, there's single and is on the tournament without flirting with every girl you meet? It is so nice to see that you will help to take good care of Sofie after what has happened, but it may not be right for you to flirt with her, almost immediately after she gets into the bus. I know you soon, I know you've tried to flirt on the table but could not do it. I just do not want Sofie to be your next girl. is good to destroy girls' hearts. And I'd rather not see that sofie is on the news and newspapers that she has been dropped by Harry Styles, from One Direction. Can you understand me?"


"Yes, I understand you, but I'd rather not hurt her, Louis. I'm sorry for what she's going through right now. And no, I'd rather not have her coming in the newspapers where says 'Harry, did not like Sofie anymore. Has dropped her.' It's not what I'm wearing. I'm trying to keep her from her, but it's so fucking hard, Louis. Have not you tried such a thing? by the way, she and I will date when we come to Paris when she and I made the deal that if she won over you in Fifa, she would have to date me. And it ended up with us I have just not thought about it, the paparazzi’s. I'd rather not tell her that we can’t go on date because I do not want you to go out in the newspapers like the "mysterious girl"


"No, I'd rather not say to her. I'll help you find a cute little cafe where you can sit alone and enjoy each other's company. And yes, Harry I have tried it with the girls. I said to myself, even several times, that I couldn’t be with them, as I would not destroy their lives with camera all the way up. I managed a couple of times, but now I'm together with Eleanor, and she's already known as a model so she's used to a camera. But tell me why you were sleeping in your bed tonight?”


“She asked me yesterday when you went to bed if she did not have to sleep with me when she did not want to sleep alone because of her mother. And I did not want her to get a night without sleep, as we will move on later today. I said yes we could and more there is not there ".


“Okay, Harry. I believe in you, but if I find out anything else I will be disappointed. Okay? And write a text message to her that you are looking forward to seeing her later and that we are currently in the process of studying. We will be back for afternoon food.”


I chose not to answer more to Louis, and then wrote a message to her. 'Good morning babe. I hope you have slept well. The boys and I are now in the studio because we need to record a new song. I look forward to seeing you in the afternoon where we come back to play a concert again. I love you and remember to write if you need it. I may not write right away, but I will write when I can’. Yes, that's fine. Send.


After we sat in the car for just over an hour, we finally got to the fresh air. The boys and I went in to record the song, and I was looking forward to singing the song as I'm crazy about it. When it turned out, I looked over to the man behind the computer and got a piece of paper that I would sing;


“But if you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms
And if you like having secret little rendezvous
If you like to do the things you know that we shouldn't do
Then, baby, I'm perfect
Baby, I'm perfect for you
And if you like midnight driving with the windows down
And if you like going places we can't even pronounce
If you like to do whatever you've been dreaming about
Then, baby, you're perfect
Baby, you're perfect
So let's start right now
And if you like cameras flashing every time we go out, oh yeah
And if you're looking for someone
To write your breakup songs about
Baby, I'm perfect
Baby, we're perfect”


I finally finished singing my verse, and I was pleased. I was happy. The man behind the computer said it was there and I could breathe relieved. I had almost spent two hours getting it to sit there. Now I could write with Sofie if she was awake.

Sofies Pov:

Jeg vågnede ved at min mobil brummede. Jeg frygtede lidt at det var min mor, men alligevel ikke. Jeg så at Harry havde skrevet.
  'Good morning babe. I hope you have slept well. The boys and I are now in the studio because we need to record a new song. I look forward to seeing you in the afternoon where we come back to play a concert again. I love you and remember to write if you need it. I may not write right away, but I will write when I can’.

Jeg smilede lidt for mig selv, og blev hurtigt enig med mig selv om, at jeg nok hellere måtte svare ham.

'Good morning darling. Yes, I have slept well. And thanks for a safe night. Yes, I can see you're not here anymore. You do not bother with your snoring. I would like to see you and the boys too, but most of you when you come back. I love you too, babe. I think I'd like to be a little with Lou and Lux if I can find them, but I think I want a bath if you can get here wherever we are. I hope so. I feel stinky of men who have sweated next to me. Hehe. See you later. I hope it's okay that I'm in your bed so I do not end up losing you too much. By the way, I have bought your perfume, but you have to wait to smell me. It may be you can smell what it is for one. Kiss for you. See you soon babe. Love Sofie'.

Jeg måtte nok hellere komme i gang, så jeg ikke hang hele dagen uden at komme i bad. Jeg vil høre noget af deres musik, imens jeg havde Harry i tankerne.


Harrys Pov:

I looked down on my mobile and smiled while I read her message. I was thinking about replying a bit, but I also thought I should not be because I had the conversation with Louis in thought all the time. I ended up writing to her. ‘Haha, you are so funny. I am looking forward to smelling you and see if I can find out what perfume you have on. And yes you may want to lie in my bed. <3 I'm not sure I'll write more before we get back, because I do not have much power on my mobile. Love Harry Miss you <3’.
Louis came to me and asked if I had written with Sofie. And I answered back. "Yes, I have. I wrote that we are coming back for afternoon food so we can relax and have some food before playing a concert. And I was looking forward to seeing her again. when do we drive back when I'm bored? " "We're driving back in an hour and it's good for you to write to her, but remember to not flirt too much Hazza. We love you and we do not want you to be hurt yourself." "Thank you Louis. It means very much for me that you will help me and take care of me. And that we will soon be back. I love you too."
I was sitting now on my mobile phone. Looked online and saw nothing happening. I turned it off again. Wondering if Sofie had seen my message.


Sofies Pov:


Jeg var nu kommet tilbage til vores bus, og jeg skyndte mig at se om Harry havde skrevet. Jeg skyndte mig at svar tilbage, ’Hehe, yes, I know I'm fun, but hopefully you'll also find out during the year. I miss you too babe. Should I have your power plug ready for you to come? I'm sitting and playing some PlayStation until you come back. <3 Let's see, I hope. Hey, do you know by the boys that we kissed yesterday? It did not matter to me that we did, but I just wanted to hear if we were going to keep it secret until we both know if we have something or whether we're just enjoying and kidding together’.

Jeg smilede over vores kys i går. Jeg kunne ikke lade være med at tænke over det og hans læber var så dejlig bløde. På en måde føltes det helt rigtigt, men også helt forkert. Jeg kender ham jo ikke helt endnu, og jeg ved ikke helt så meget om ham. Det kunne være jeg skulle snakke med hans bedste ven om det. Louis tror jeg vil snakke med det om. Ja det gøre jeg. Jeg vil vide lidt mere om Harry, og jeg vil hellere ikke såre Harry, når jeg spørg ham om det.

Harrys Pov:

When the time was 2pm, we agreed that we should return to the concert place, and I was looking forward to returning. I would embrace Sofie right away when we came and said I missed her.
But there was a message ticking in. And that was from Sofie. There were two people on my mobile. They were both from Sofie. I read the first one and I could not help laughing over it and smile a little. But the other I had not expected to come. ‘Hey babe, can you give me Louis number, or just give my number to him, just ask me something. And that's a little important. Sorry I can’t ask you, but I need to talk to Louis about it. And no, I do not want to tell you about our evening yesterday’.
“Louis, Sofie asks if she needs your number, because she wants to ask you something, and she'll talk to you”. “Yes, just give her my number, and I'll answer her”.
I got a little odd because she had to write to Louis about something, but I would rather not write to her that she did not have to talk to me about it. I do not want to be, that's what we were. "Hi babe. I would like to give you his number. Here it is. +44 8720 19. Love you babe". "Thank you babe. And I love you too".

Sofies pov:

Jeg sad nu og overvejede hvordan jeg skulle omformulere det, så han vidste hvad jeg snakkede om. Jeg endte med at skrive denne på dette måde; ’ Hi brother. I just want to hear if we can talk alone when you come back, about Harry. I would like to hear a little about him when I am confused, and I would like to talk to my brother. Do you want to do that? <3 Love you brother’.
Nu sad jeg og ventede på at han skrev tilbage. Der gik nu ikke så langtid, før han gjord det.
’ Hello sister I'd rather talk to you about Harry. I understand you're a bit confused and I've also talked to Harry about you today with him. I can tell you when we get back in 15 minutes. Love you too. <3'.
Jeg sad nu og ventede på at de kom, og imens jeg ventede, legede jeg med Lux imens. Så gik tide nok lidt hurtigere, og så kedede jeg mig hellere ikke så meget imens.
Der gik ikke langtid før de kom, og jeg løb over og krammede Louis uden at kramme Harry først. Jeg kiggede over på Harry, for at se om han var sur på mig, og det var han heldigvis ikke. Han sagde for sjovt til mig
“I'm also happy to see you sunshine. I allow you and Louis to talk privately. Just tell me where I hope I get a hug too. "

"Yes, you're fine. And sorry Harry, but I have to talk to Louis about this. Come Louis, let's find a place where we can talk in peace.”
Jeg fandt et sted, hvor Louis og jeg kunne være alene og snakke. Han så bekymrende på mig, og jeg begyndte at snakke med ham, hvad der gik mig på.
”Louis, I'd like to tell you what's going on. It's that I think I might be in love with Harry, but I do not quite know yet. I'm confused, if I'm, or not. But first of all, I would like to hear a little about who Harry is? I feel he's saving something for me, as he dares not tell me. "" Hey, sunshine. I would like to tell you about him. Listen, Harry loves to flirt with girls, and he gets very soon in love and then he can’t help showing his feelings towards the girl he likes. He likes you, but he is afraid to hurt your feelings. He is afraid you do not have the same feelings about him. And you have or what?”.

“Yes, I have the same feelings for him. I think I'm falling in love with him. When you were away, I lay in his bed so I could smell his scent. And I missed him so much. To be in his arms and feel safe in his arms make me happy. He has some effect on me, which means that I can’t spare him for a long time. Therefor I do not want it. I'm overweight a little trying to get a little distance to him, and then be a little with you, Niall or Liam. I will not hurt his feelings if I reject him. I want to see if I'm totally in love with him, or what it is that I can’t be with him for a long time. Hope you can help me with that. And I know that I promised him not to say this to you, but he kissed me yesterday. I did not do anything, but I was a little happy, but a little frightened, for in some way I was not ready to start kissing. If you understand me. And I'm afraid that if I just reject him totally, he will not talk to me anymore, and I'd rather not have that. And I would rather not have him believing we are lovers right away when he kissed me yesterday. From my side, we are not lovers yet. I do not know if I'm ready to become his next number. And I do not want to think we should have sex after our night yesterday. Help me Louis”.

“Okay. Wow first and foremost. I heard you kissed yesterday when you lay in his bed. I did not want to say anything because I thought you were ready for your next step, but on the other hand, I understand you well. I do not hope that Harry believes you are lovers after kissing yesterday. If he thinks so, I'll talk to him about it and you do not feel ready to have sex or be a girlfriend right now, if it ends there to talk to him. I understand that you will not be his next number when you do not really know him, but I think you should take that date when you have promised each other. Otherwise, I think he will be disappointed. Now, I think we must take each other by hand, then go out to the boys, and have something to eat. Go to him and give him a hug, but try to avoid kissing him so he does not believe anything. Should I try to talk to him? About what we have talked about. I would really like to. There must be no awkward silence between you for a year. I will not be able to look at it. And hello, do you have our You And I perfume? I love that perfume. Remember to come to me or write to me if you need to speak. That's what I'm here too. Love you sister”.
“Yes I would like to. I'm hungry, but can I sit next to you when we go out there? And thank you, brother. It means a lot to me. Oh, yes, you can talk to him about it. Just do not tell me I told you that he and I kissed yesterday. Do you promise me not to tell him? How are you and Eleanor doing? Is not that your girlfriend's name?”
“Yes, she's called, but we're not together when I did not feel something for her. I have not told the boys yet, but I will do today. Hey, if you want to train with one to kiss good then come to me. I have nothing in courage to kiss with someone whom I have no feelings for. What do you say? Should we make Harry a little confused? We can stop kissing in front of him, but kiss in a shed. I miss a little kiss with one and I like you, but not that way. Hehe”.
“Haha. Yes I would like to. And I'm sorry with you and Eleanor. I thought you were a sweet couple, but sometimes it's feeling like emotion. They disappear or appear. You can’t control that yourself.
And I have not actually kissed some for about 6 years. That was where I last had a boyfriend, so yes, a little workout will be good. And how did you think we could have time for it?”
“What? You are beautiful, sweet and totally fun to be with, so how can you make sure you have not been with someone for 6 years? I can’t get that in my head. But enough about that.
I thought we could either apologize for the need to talk every day for an hour to speak privately. And there we can kiss a little and have a nice time together. So do not have sex, because I think you should have it when you feel ready with Harry”.
“Haha no, I do not understand it myself, but thank you for the beautiful words about me. Yes, I agree that we find a time when we can be alone for about an hour and kiss a little. You should be a bit prepared that if we also start to dirt, I can’t figure it out. I'm probably a little clumsy when it comes to kisses and dirt. Hope it's okay with you that we also practice dirt so I can do it when I may have to kiss with Harry at some point. And thank you for helping me. And no, I'd rather not have any feelings for you, so it will be enough”.
“It's all right, sweetie. I think I survive. And I'm glad we have it in the same way when it comes to feelings for each other. I do not want to lose my sister for my feelings. Come, let's go out to the others. They probably think where we are going”.

"Louis, what if Harry finds out we've kissed? I'd rather not cause problems between you. You have been friends for many years, and I will not let it go beyond me".

"Sofie, that's not going to happen when Harry has kissed a girl I had something with. So we're gonna be right".

Efter jeg havde snakket lidt med Louis om lidt af hvert, så fik jeg det lidt bedre, og lidt sommerfugle i min mave, da han vil hjælpe mig med at kysse og snave. Jeg glæder mig på en måde til det. Men jeg ville hellere ikke have, at der skulle komme nogle problemer imellem de to.



Harrys Pov.

After Louis and Sofie came back after an hour's talk, I finally got a hug. I had so missed her, but she seemed a little absent to talking and me after you had been in. But I can’t really do anything. I do not want to interfere in their conversations.
"Hey, did you talk out?" And Louis, we're going to train our voices in half an hour. Helene, has been out and ask for you, but I said you were in and talk to Sofie. Little when we go in and have arranged our hair and makeup, but you are well aware. Hehe. Good to see you again. And is it You And I the perfume you have?”
“Yes, it's You and I the perfume I have on. I bought it before I left. And it's good to see you again. And yes, I am well aware that I will. That's my job. That I have to take care of little lux while getting makeup and arranged hair. Well, I will come in and borrow your charger again, Harry. Or do you still use it? "

"Yes, I'm still using it. It's only 50 % on it, so it's got a little more."

"Louis, do not you have a charger I have to borrow?"

"Yes, I have. Come on, let's go in and find it."

Sofies Pov;

Jeg gik sammen med Louis ind og fandt hans oplader. Jeg smilede lidt til ham, og lagde mig ind til en kram. Han gengældte heldigvis den, så det gjord ikke mig noget.

”Should we quickly kiss a little while we are alone in this? I can do that with your back so that I can keep an eye in between. They are still out there right now and enjoy a little".

"Yes, we can do it, and I'm fine."

Louis lagde sine hænder om mig, og lagde op til kysset. Jeg fulgte bare med, og det var overraskende godt. Han kysser rigtig godt. Vi stod nu der lidt, og kyssede, inden Louis trak sig fra mig, og smilede, og kyssede min kind.

” You are not bad now to kiss. But I feel we should practice a little more. But we can always do that tomorrow, because today we do not have time for it. We split the tournament a little, so tonight we have to fly to the United States where we have to stay over for 26 days. We have 2 days off, while we're over, so we have some time to kiss a little. Unless you've found there. hehe. Shall we go out to the others and say we're going in now? "

"Yes, we can. And thank you Louis. I would like to. Can I borrow your mobile so I can play it while you play?"

"Yes, of course you will. And you do not soon need a new mobile? Your screen is completely broken."

"Well, I'm supposed to have a new one, but I can’t afford it yet. I expect to save some money together, and then buy the new IPhone 6 in pink."

"Hey, tomorrow, when we come to Hollywood where we have to play, you and I come in and find a new mobile to you. I'd like to give you a new one. You do not need a mobile that's been smashed anymore. Deal?”

“Deal. And thanks Louis. I love you”.

“Love you too”.

Og så gik vi ud til De andre.


Harrys Pov:

How can you take such a long time? We must go in and practice and have arranged the things we should have arranged.

When they came out, I was happy again. Why do not I know. I asked if you had time to come in and get the things that should be sorted out. And they nodded.

After a while, we were now ready to go on stage. And the concert went well. "Thanks for tonight Italy. We are so grateful that you will come and see us play. Thank you so much, see you again in 3 months. We hope to see you again. We love you ".

We came out and found our stuff, and then it was against the car so we could get to the airport.
I saw Lou, Lux and Sofie.

"Are you ready to slip?" We're going to leave the car now. "

"Yes, we are coming".

We ran out to the car and got off right away.
We came by plane and then it was going to Hollywood. I saw that Sofie sat and slept by Louis. I became a bit jealous but also happy to see that you had a good contact together. They had a sister and brother relationship together. And that was sweet.

After 16 hours in the plane, we arrived at the hotel. Sofie was going to sleep with Lou and Lux tonight.
"Good night beautiful. See you tomorrow. Can I have a quick kiss?".
"Yes you may".

In she went and I went to Louis to sleep with. I'm used to sleeping with Louis.

"Good Night, Bro"
"Good Night, Hazza"


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