Tiny Vessels

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  • Publiceret: 13 okt. 2017
  • Opdateret: 6 mar. 2018
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Short stories set in the universe of my novel Vessel.


1. Sunset

Flicking his fingers, his feet connected with a platform. Buildings made with a material resembling marble erupted from the desert, appearing like volcanoes.

The sandstone underneath his bare feet was warm to the touch; although there were no sun in the sky - it did have color, a dark magenta, a purple that faded into a warm red in the horizon. A breeze took sand with it, whirling it at the structures like waves at a cliff. He took a step forward and felt his body go heavy, his muscle mass was what weighed him down.

He knew his current body wasn't suited - the gravity was too intense, he'd die from a lack of oxygen if he was someone who didn't belong in the realm. A feeling close to taking off his funeral clothes met him, the tissue on his back peeled off and knots of tangled fur burst out from the ingrown follicles in his skin, starting from his neck and continuing down his spine.

Soon his crooked horns with visible cracks and dents emerged from his skull, the tip of the horns gradually pointing to the skies, sharpening until they put razors to shame. He hunched forward, his spine shaping itself after the movements his shoulders made. The man's entire bone structure transformed in the span of a minute, his hair growing at an abnormal rate.

His bones got lighter and thinner, pencil sticks for limbs. They stopped when he reached eight feet, his upper body losing weight faster than any could eat themselves out of, and his rib cage smiled through his skin when he stretched his arms over his head. His eyes whitened, the color thickening and coming to resemble bleach, his pupils graying until they faded into the iris.

A thin tail emerged from his tail bone, the tip of it barely touching the ground. His clothes melted off him, sinking into the ground while it burned up like hair in a fire. The only burned piece that'd been left wrapped around his hips, the crisp ends reaching his ankles. 

The structures stood tall, the now abandoned city had drawn inspiration from Earth's Rome, and most likely that was when the people who'd made them last visited. He strolled through the golden sand, walking aimlessly around the structures, the cloth around his hips a pirate flag, a deterrent.

His arms hung down his sides, he moved slowly, despite the length of his legs. When he reached what looked like a main street, he stopped up. Though he was a quiet individual, he didn't find silent cities all that comfortable. A sound had been carried to him within the grains of sand.

He'd returned to the platform with just a footstep.

A woman stood there. She sighed before she took hold of her ponytail, letting her hair fall to her thighs. The hair tie landed in the sand and soon, it too, melted away. 

Looking around, she shook her head and morphed. Her electric hair grew, slithering along the sand like an expensive robe, her arms pulling at the locks closest to her chest so she wouldn't expose herself. Her bones cracked and rearranged, making sounds most would wince at. She grew horns in the color of her hair and an even thinner tail than his, with only a clump of fur at the tip.

In awe, he observed her. The woman's' eyes were like the sky on Earth; so incredibly blue. When she finally took notice of him, but the fact that he'd stood there for so long without her realizing it - she'd already lost.

With burning eyes, she disappeared and tackled him from behind. He ducked. She retreated, gritting her teeth. Pulling back her foot, she appeared back on the platform, looking even more dissatisfied than when she got here.

He faced her head on, neither of them speaking. She stared him down like a wild cat, horns pointed forward, nostrils flaring and tail smacking the sand rhythmically. When she'd identified him, indifference replaced her hostility.

"Here for the sunset?" The white-eyed asked while raising his head.

"No, I came here because Jorden ordered me to attend a meeting since I haven't for the last hundred years," the woman explained, putting the back of her hand on her hip, "but, I doubt you're here for the same reason."

The man leaned his head back and glanced at the reddening sky as his tail drooped to the ground, "I came for the sunset." He admitted.

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