Derude og herhjemme

Alt hvad der foregår i min hjerne og alt det jeg har på hjertet.


3. BamBam (uredigeret)


From my great grandmother 

A box so fine
Noticed not the teddy bear

One year old
Already blinded
By a world of shiny things 

She passed before
I gave it my love
Named it fondly

For all days 
He stayed
In my toddler arms 

Parents could not calm me
From my nightmares of the crash
He was my beating heart of hope

Little brother jealous 
Never had his own
One he could not sleep without 

Never been gone for long

Hugged him all the way
Had him as my piece of home

Told him all there was
About my friends, my teachers
And cried for all there was not

Left him back
Not to bring
Only babies do that

My secret one
Only my family knew
He moved with from my childhood bed

Can not wash him clean
He is only careful stitches
And faded fabric

Days have passed
Still I lie with him at night
Tell him truths and lies
Who I am and who I will be

What will I do
When my teddy bear is scraps and threads
And long forgotten memories?


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