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  • Publiceret: 26 aug. 2017
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A Darkness comes... they shall rise. Where there is light there will be Darkness. But, heroes shall rise above all to fight what is to come....


1. Part One

Part One:

The Begining


"Who are you?... what do want from me!" In front of the red haired girl was a boy with black hair and red demon eyes. "You shall fall along with the other worlds!" He said with a deep dark voice. He started to rise above the earth with black dark wings. And everything around the red haired girl started to turn black. Then she starts to fall into an endless void. "Ah! Someone help me!" She cried as she fell deep, deep down.

"Ah!" She woke up looking around her wondering where she was. Around her, were her friends and they were in a forest with the light of the full moon above them. She got up and walked to where there was a cliff. "So... you had it again, Huh?" A boy with black hair and red-brown eyes asked her. She looked at him and gave him a small smile. She gave him a small nod.

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