The Hauntings

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  • Publiceret: 13 aug. 2017
  • Opdateret: 15 aug. 2017
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There's a family that live in a big house in the middle of the woods. Paul and Georgia are married and have 3 kids, James, Jade and Peter. James, Jade and Peter are always exploring the house and trying to find out about it's past. But, it's not safe to mess with the paranormal world, and the family is kept afraid and have to deal with the most teriifying hauntings ever without any help!


1. Moving in

It was midnight and the Smith family had just arrived at their new house. 'Wake up kids, we're here!' said Paul to his kids. Paul was a doctor and so was his wife, Georgia. They had 3 kids in which two of them were twins. James and Jade were both 14 years old and were twins and they had a 16 year old brother named Peter. The Smith family got out the car and went to get their luggage from the back of the car. The house was tall and big. It had white painted stairs that led up to the doorstep. The bricks looked very old, however. They were a really dark browny colour. The windows were really big and the roof was really curvy and had a sharp point. The Smith family got out there luggage from the car and climbed up the stairs to the doorstep. Paul got his key out of his pocket and opened the door. The door creaked eerily as he opened it. It was really dark inside. 'Where's the light switch?' asked Paul trying to find it. Just then the lights turned on. 'Found it!' said Paul. The Smith family came inside and closed the door behind them. The house looked really big and the living room had green sofas in. 'We'll set up and organise the house tomorrow morning, because it's really late,' said Georgia. 'You're right. Everyone go upstairs and choose your rooms, and then get some sleep,' said Paul. The kids ran upstairs and Paul and Georgia followed behind them.
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