I Stand

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  • Publiceret: 11 jul. 2017
  • Opdateret: 12 jul. 2017
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"I Stand" is my first poem and one-shot that I have written in english. It is about my life-view and how are child becomes an adult.
I would like to apologize in advance for any grammar mistakes.


2. The Poem


As a child I stand by my parents

While they hold my hand,

They are protecting me from the human’s selfishness

And the world’s coldness.


As a teenager I stand alone.

Isolated from other human beings

And with a cold, cold heart locked away,

With a thousand of feelings.


As a young adult I stand alone

In a cold world and with regretful sins.

With no hope of redemption I walk a lonely path.

With no parents or loved ones.


As an adult I stand with my love.

In a cold-warm world with hope.

I stand with regrets, sins and a jet black heart,

But still with hope for me and the world itself.







T.M.Kaur: Poem “I stand” 2016

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