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  • Publiceret: 29 jun. 2017
  • Opdateret: 2 jul. 2017
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En samling af essays og andet lort, en del som man kan finde på min computer under mappen prætentiøse rants. Det er ca. halvt engelsk halvt dansk, so sorry bout' dat, men min hjerne er rodet.


2. the garden

Somewhere at some time, there is a garden. It belongs to a beautiful old house, near the sea. In the summer you can swim there, but the beach is quite deserted. In the winter the ocean is upset and rises in great waves, but the house is on a large cliff and you’d have to take an old staircase to get to the ocean anyway. It’s seams too big of a risk to take the stairs, so no one does and lately they have been very lonely. The people of the house with the garden, likes to observe the sea from the porch anyway, so no one is at misery because of this.

There, among others, lives a girl in the house. She likes the sea, but she likes the garden even more, mostly when it blooms.

At a white garden table, she sits in the shadow of the house and admires the garden. It has a pond, and a million flowers. Even if she had all the time in the world, it seems that she could not admire the garden enough.

When she is at the table, she writes about adventures she wants to go on, but she never forgets the garden. It is always in the back of her mind, and though she wants to travel, she also thinks it unbearable to be without the garden, for that garden is her home.


~ about love

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