The Secrets of Longcrest

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  • Publiceret: 15 jul. 2017
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#2 in Secrets Series (Secrets of Dunharrow House). Standalone book.
When Katy fell though the floor of her home, she died, her sister calling her name.
But when her siblings came back, they discovered something that shocked them to their core. Something that shouldn't have been possible.
So, what happened to Katy Dunharrow?


1. Bea and Broken

"And oh! His eyes. They're so blue. Like the ocean outside," I say. Bea and I stop and strain to listen for the crashing of waves outside. Unfortunately, we can't hear any. "I mean, they're a bit green, too, but so blue!"

"Hey, Katy," says Bea, "I think we should get back."

"Why? I'm having fun," I say. "We don't come in here as often as we used to, and we'll come even less when I go into high school."

"I know, but it's almost time for you to go." She wiggles her eyebrows. "To the dance with Jason." 

I laugh. "All right. Let's head back."

There's a creaking beneath my feet. "Bea... what's going-?"


I open my eyes and see two blue eyes staring at me. 

My legs hurt badly, as does my head. It throbs in pain. 

I look back up, and Bea comes into focus. Thank heavens. Bea. I mustn't have been out long, or she wouldn't have been here. She would have gone for help. Someone was at the store. And I think there were other people, too.

"B-Bea?" I stutter, the words tumbling out of my mouth, muffled. My tongue is swollen. I can hardly speak. "Bea?" She just stares at me, her hands gripping the boards. She stares down with horror on her face. "I okay!" She doesn't react. "Bea?"

She must be in shock.

I look down, helpless, and my breath whooshes out of me when I see my legs. 

The pain shoots up them, all the way to my arms. The bones are trying to break through my skin. And they almost succeed. My skin is angled because of the bones. 

My scream is caught in my throat, which is constricting.

"BEA! BEA!" I yell, my swollen mouth making it difficult. "HEP! BEA HEP ME!"

She just stares down at me, not moving, not blinking. What's wrong with her?

I shout at her for another fifteen minutes, until I decide I need to find a way out on my own.

I don't know exactly where I am, but I know if I keep going, I'll find a way out eventually.

"Bea?" I ask. Still no response. I sigh, and begin to drag myself through the brine. My coat, dress, and hair are soaked and I smell like sea water.

My legs hit a bump and I yelp loudly. I hold back tears, and look at Bea once more. I trust her. I know this. Why isn't she helping?

"Please," I beg her, hardly more than a whisper. "Bea." 

She just stares to where I fell, the boards soaking in the brine. Her eyes haven't moved or blinked in nearly an hour.

I give a strangled sob and keep pulling myself.

Bea. Why didn't you help me?

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