Slave of the band of Seven (Bankotsu story)

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  • Publiceret: 22 okt. 2018
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Sayuri run's away from home only to be hunted down by The Band of Seven later and it starts an interesting adventure and a whole new life for her. Many think of her as The Slave of the Band of Seven, but is she really.


5. Chapter 5

“Do we take Sayuri with us?” said Renkotsu.

“I think so” said Jakotsu “She needs a good slaughter.”

“You might just make her cry” said Suikotsu.

“We have to get in some how” said Mukotsu.

“I doubt she will take someone else life” said Bankotsu.

“I’m not saying she can” said Jakotsu “I’m not saying she has to either but we need a way in.”

“Well I see your point” said Bankotsu.

“But will she help?” asked Mukotsu “Probably not.”

“Suikotsu” said Bankotsu “Where did you put her down at?”

“Over there” he said pointing at flowers and tall grass “Where did she go.” Someone sensed and Sayuri sat up and sensed again and lay back down.

“Sayuri” said Bankotsu “Come here.” Sayuri got up and walked over to him. She sat next to him.

“Yes” she said.

“Would you help us out tomorrow?” asked Bankotsu.

“I’m not vary strong” said Sayuri.

“Stick with us and you will be” said Jakotsu throwing an arm around her.

“Jakotsu” said Sayuri “You’re going to take my head off let go.”

“So will you?” asked Jakotsu. She nodded “Alright let’s get started” he grabbed her wrist and pulled her off in the meadow and started to show her how to fight.

“Well you thought wrong Mukotsu” said Renkotsu.

“Oh well” said Mukotsu. Bankotsu went and joined Jakotsu to teach Sayuri how to fight the others joined.

That night Sayuri slept next to the fire with Bankotsu.
“Do you think she’s ready?” asked Ginkotsu.

“No” said Bankotsu looking at Sayuri.

“I think she will do ok tomorrow” said Jakotsu “I don't expect her to kill or anything I don't think she's the type.”

“Well if she can’t do it” said Mukotsu “What do we do?”

“I want to give her a chance” said Renkotsu “She might surprise you.”

“Get to sleep” said Bankotsu he laid down next to Sayuri.

The next morning they went over their plain.

“Band of Seven” said a voice. A man on a horse came up to them. “Are you ready men?”

“Yes” said Bankotsu.

“We’re always ready” said Suikotsu.

Sayuri was already heading towered the village the rest fallowing. Not to close they didn't want to give her away. The Lord asked what was going on. Bankotsu said they were doing this his way.

Sayuri fell to the ground got up and started to limp.

“Excuse me” she said “Can you help me I sprang my ankle.”

“Yes little lady” said a guard “Open the gate.”

Syuri limped a little and fell the guards ran to help her. The rest of the Band came running. Sayuri shoved the guards back and went into the village. She was about half way in when something sharp hit her in the back. It was the guard.

“You bitch” he said raising his sward Sayuri couldn't defend herself well. She grabbed a sword and shoved into his chest. He dropped his sward and fell on top of her she shoved him off the other guard came at her she raised the sward and he ran into it when he cut her left arm. She screamed shoving the guard away from her. He laughed at her she grabbed another sword and silenced him. Sayuri feel to the ground blood covered her hands and her back.

“Sayuri” it was Bankotsu she fell into his arms.

“I can fix her” said Mukotsu taking her arm and rubbing something on it.

“Her back” said Jakotsu. Bankotsu ripped the back of her kimono and helped Mukotsu stop the bleeding.

“She will be alright now” said Mukotsu.

“Wow” said Suikotsu “I can’t believe it she killed someone.”

“She was defending herself” said Renkotsu “But now you say it, I can’t either.”

“Well” said Jakotsu “I knew she could do it if she had to.”

“Well let’s let her sleep” said Bankotsu.


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