PLL - Hanna and Caleb

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Okay, so you won't understand this if you haven't watched Pretty Little Liars up to season 4... To those who have, enjoy :)


1. Fanfic.-1: Fear and care for Another

«Hanna ? Where are you ? Call me when you get this, please. I want to know  if you’re okay »

                Caleb put down his phone. It was the 7th time he’d called Hanna and he could sense that something was wrong. Especially after her mom’s arrest today. He hadn’t seen her since but he knew she wasn’t well. He thought about where she could be and decided to call Spencer.

« Hey Spencer ?

-Caleb ?

-Is Hanna with you and the girls ?

-What ? I thought she was with you ! Aria Emily and I are having a sleepover !

-What do you mean you thought she was with me?

-She sent me a text ! Hold on, where are you ?

-In my apartment. I’m taking my car right now to look for her. I hope she hasn’t done anything… »

                His phone beeped as he was about to finish.

« Wait a sec, Spencer. I’ve just got a text, he said, hoping it was from Hanna.

« Hey, hottie. Something going on with Hefty Hanna ? Looks like she got herself a little drink before taking a  walk in Lanespark Wood !   -A »

« Oh God…. he said, loud  enough for Spencer to hear.

-What ?

-The text was from A. Hanna’s in Lanespark Wood. Meet there in 5 minutes » he hang out his phone, took his car keys and got out of his apartment. Once he was in his car he started to drive to Lanespark Wood, pushing hard on the accelerator. He had to slow down as he realised he was going twice as fast as the speed limitation. But he didn’t care, for every inch of his body was scared of what might have happened to Hanna. He would never forgive himself if something had…

He had arrived but there was no sign of Hanna. He knew he would have to go deep in the little wood to find her, as A was a serious player in this sort of game. A didn’t mess for nothing. A was greedy for power, power over people which he often used as puppets. To have fun. A wasn’t a high school girl thirsty for revenge. A could decide if a person was guilty of a crime. A could decide if a person was happy or sad. A was everywhere.

« Hanna ! he called, for at least the fifteenth time. But there was still no answer. Caleb was running now. It was pouring hard but he didn’t care. How could he have cared ?

« Caleb ! someone was calling him. It was Emily. The three girls were panting behind him, trying to catch up his pace.

« Caleb, you were supposed to wait for us, Aria breathed out. There’s no sign of Hanna. The wood is small, she should be here…

« What do you mean she should be here ? Caleb cried out. A is messing with us. Why would he tell us where she is just right away ? Doesn’t he like a good game ? I mean, for all we know, she could be taking a bath at her place !

-Caleb, Hanna would have answered her phone. I bet A took her phone and sent her dad a text saying she was with us, or something… »

Aria stopped right away as four phones beeped all in the same time.

« Hey, guys. Still looking for Hanna ? Look ahead ! If she’s not all comfy in her hot tub at her sweet home, she sure is taking a bath… of mud !  -A.

They all gasped. A was there. Listening to them. Caleb didn’t take time to think and looked ahead. 30 feet in front of him, he could now distinguish a dark mass. It was Hanna. From the distance, and as he ran closer, he could see her hair, her body half drowned into the mud.

« Hanna ? he called softly. Hanna I’m so sorry. You’re gonna be ok. I promise »

Caleb took his unconscious Hanna in his arms and carried her out of the wood, followed by Spencer, Emily and Aria, all three unable to say anything. They were shocked. As Caleb laid her at the back of his car, he looked over Hanna and figured she had been hit in the head by something but that she was going to be ok.

« Should we call an ambulance ? Emily asked

-She’ll be ok, Caleb said in distress. I’ll take her at my place for the night. She had a lot to drink, and that’s probably how she found herself in this wood. I don’t know about you guys, but I think with her mom and all that, it’s probably not a good idea to bring her to a hospital. They’re gonna find out she drank. I’ll take care of her myself.

-She’ll be okay, Caleb, she’ll be okay. This wasn’t your fault. Spencer said. Anyway, I guess we should go. Aria’s mom will notice we’re gone. Give news, huh ? »

Caleb said he would and they left. He drew out a blanket from his trunk and covered Hanna with it. He locked the car and started to drive to his apartment. Every 30 seconds he looked at Hanna, checking if she was alright. She was moaning. Caleb felt reassured as it meant she was slowly going from knocked out to sleeping.

                When he arrived he parked his car and took Hanna wrapped in her blanket in his arms. When they were in his apartment he made her lie on the couch. He started to undo her jacket and realizing her face, hair and clothes were completely soaked and covered with mud. Her skin was cold. Caleb took off her shirt and pants, leaving her in nothing but her underwear. He then filled a basin with hot water and delicately wiped out the dirt off her face, hair and body, using a towel. When she was about clean he took a warm, fluffy towel and rubbed her body to dry it.  He then removed her bra and passed one of his big, warm shirts over her. Caleb looked at his girlfriend for a while, feeling angry at himself. How could he have let that happened ? After her mom’s arrest, he should have known. And how could somebody, how could A do such a terrible thing ? Those texts were signed by a madman. A was a madman.

                When Hanna was all dry and comfy on his couch, Caleb changed into dry clothes and carried her in his room. He made her lie in his bed, and he lied beside her.

« Caleb ? he heard her weak voice say.

-Shh, it’s gonna be alright. You’re safe. You should sleep.

-Mom… she then said, and drifted back to sleep.

Caleb covered her with the bed’s quilt and wrapped his arms around her. Indistinctly, she lied her head on his chest, and slept like this through the whole night.


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