I am a Girl

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  • Publiceret: 16 apr. 2017
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1. I am a Girl!

~ I am a Girl ~


Today, we live in a world with 8 billon people. But do we know that there are a vgroup of people who are more persecuted, neglected and insulted more than anyone. No, they are not political or religious activists, they are neither a part of any rule nor a part of any objective. They are the girls.

In this world, being born a girl means you are more likely to be subjected to violence, diseases, tortures, insults, poverty and painful experiences than any other group on Earth. I won’t say that every girl suffers from such objectives. But, I will say that there are no history of a happy nation full of happy women. Because, each and every girl have suffered even a little bit in this world. Can anyone deny the fact, each one of the girls were told to accept their situation as their fate despite it being worse than hell. We have the right to make our own fate, we can create our own destiny. No one has the right to take that wish away from us. Now, the only truth taught to a girl is to accept everything that fate will bring to her. But why? I am asking to each girl who are born free on this earth. Why does a girl need to bind herself by the society, why bind by situation and tolerate everything done to her? Don’t they have any right, wish or dreams? Does she always have to stay scared of the people of her own house? The answer yet remains unknown.

Yes, I am a girl. I believe to be born free. I do have the right to protest, to deny and to live by my wish. I don’t need others to judge me. I believe to have a brilliant heart and a beautiful mind. I am full of flaws and I’m still imperfect. But then again every morning I stand before my mirror and remind myself, I was never born to be perfect but rather different and extraordinary. I love being called pretty though I never believe it. I am not always right but I hate to be wrong. I always try to smile even if it’s not always real. I am an open book but also hide so much inside. I try to work hard even though I might get nothing in return. I live by wishing other’s happiness but sometimes it hurts me too. I am me, a girl, a women, a sister, a daughter and yes, I am a warrior of my own story.

As I tell this to the world, no one is equal to anyone. Each of us is born different. Every human has the right to live their life in their own way. When you truly believe this, then look outside the window and watch over a girl. She can also bloom into a shining flower if given a chance. No, it won’t be easy. But what’s there to lose?!

Now, I tell this to the girls, you are a born fighter. You are never weak. You might think your life is over by incidents or situation which you know by fate, but those have also taught you lessons. Use that knowledge, so that it doesn’t occur to another girl. You have to learn to believe in yourself when no one does, that’ll makes you a winner right there. You don’t need people to love you to express yourself, but rather learn to love yourself just the way you are, that’s what’ll define who truly you are. When you face trouble, just close your eyes, count to ten and take a deep breath then remind yourself that you wouldn’t look good in prison dress and smile at every dumbass and walk away. Because the best way to have everything is believing you already do as there will always be people who will never have what you have right now. So girl, don’t just smile… laugh your heart out until your stomach hurts. Be proud to be born a GIRL. 


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