i fell for you

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  • Publiceret: 11 mar. 2017
  • Opdateret: 11 mar. 2017
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This happend for me not that long ago. This is my feelings written down on paper. There will only be one chapter


1. i feel for you

Days before:

my friend comes up to me: do you like him? I didn't know what to say... I wasn't sure if I felt anything for you, I saw you as my friend. Later that day I'm sitting and talking with my friend over the phone. He thinks that you like me. He asks you if you like me. You said maybe. You didn't know if I had felling for you. You wanted to be sure... but sure on what? I wasn't quite sure what you meant that day, and still to this day I don't really know. I got the feeling that you liked me, and I started to think: do I have feelings for you?

The day: 
Two friends together with me and you that day. When we were alone you said to me: "(name) told me yesterday that she is in love with me". Slowly my heart fell apart. I knew you have had feelings for her last year and I knew she broke your heart. The day went by and it became night

The night: 
You were tired, resting your head on my shoulder. I could feel the heat from your body and smell your cologne. The smell was enchanting, it pulled me even closer to you. We decided to go to sleep. Me, you and the two friends played s,p eller k. We didn't play it for that long, cause we were to tired. I could feel you were getting closer to me. My heart stopped. You were laying by my side, close to me with your arms wrapped around me until we both fell asleep. 

... days went by and you were getting colder and colder. You said something was happening inside your family. What a stupid excuse.You got even closer to the girl, much closer than you were before. thought what happened that night was special for us both, but I guess you have done that with all of your (girl)-friends. I realized i wasn't special at all. I fell for you... you didn't care... not even a single bit. You choose the girl who broke your heart, because you wanted to impress your "friends".

No matter how much I'm trying not to think about you, you always pop up...
You changed yourself just to get accepted by your so called "friends". They won't have your back when something goes wrong. Don't expect anything for me. I don't care about you anymore. Do whatever you want. Our relationship we have built together is now demolished. I have now realized how manipulative you have been over for me, everything we had was a lie. I'm getting physically sick when i think about you. 

I loved you.

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