Heathens ~ Jshlr

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  • Publiceret: 10 mar. 2017
  • Opdateret: 21 maj 2017
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Just read it k <3



Jishwa sNEK into teh stor! 

"hehe no1 is her!!1!11"

he pusH! a sheElf down!!

"haha im gona steel somthnig!!111"

"nOT SO fatS!" iT was bredStick!

"ohno!" Jsih say!

"ima take u 2 jail hahh" bread say


bred took jsh 2 jail.

"man, jail life is tuff huh?" jish say to the guy in the next sell.

The guy in the next cell was buff!! and tuff!!!

"NNo.' he say bc he toff.


Jis start drum on the wall

"bumbubmbummbmb tissss!"

he was rlly good at drum.

"Hey" the toff guy say 'the werd guy next 2 me plays piano on tehthe wall!"

"wot!!?!?1//!?!1/" Jish was so surpresed!!!

"ye" the toff guy say " he nam is tylr."

jhs gaps! "rllY?!?!?"

"ya" tht was a dfrent voyce! "im tyjo"

"o" jish say.

he so exeted! 

"wna start a band?!??!" say Ty

"yaprty much!"


They will start a band soon?!

Number of mistakes: 35


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