Danger moment

This is my story about the most brutal in my life. Read my story...


1. Prolog

I am a vampire, my name is Claire Eya and this is my story about my life. In the village where I am born, the name of the village is Skyland and here begins my story. All in my family are vampires and we are generation four. My mothers name is Angelina Eya, my fathers name is Marcus Eya and my sisters name is Emily Eya, yes, this is my family.

It has taken long time for me to process all thoughts, my feelings, all my many memories and all that I remember over the last two years. But I am ready to tell my story now, so I hope you will read it and like it.

Let the story about my life begin now. The most brutal in my life, I have written here on this paper, but let us begin…

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