Hey, how you doing??

It is about a young teenager (me) that is feeling like she is dying inside and can't help it.


1. Young Teenager

     I started out being a young girl and i started to fall in love. I really liked this guy and I still do, but he decided to break my heart. He said he feels bad and he doesn't believe me when I say, "I'm ok, I promise." I tell him constantly not to worry about it, that i'll be fine. One day, he had told me that he liked me a lot. It made me happy and excited inside! So the next day, I worked up the courage to tell him that I liked him. It made him happy too! That same day, he asked me out about dinner time and it had really made my day worth living for. We texted all night talking about what made us like each other and others things that made each of us blush. He made me really happy. But that's when it happened, he broke up with me and broke my heart into pieces.

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