Suicide lake

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  • Publiceret: 31 jan. 2017
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The lake was deep.

Deeper than her ocean wide mind.

Her thoughts could reach the top of the biggest mountains in the world,

but yet no one heard her shrilly cry.

It was summer,

but that night it felt like a hundred minus degrees.

Her feet were naked and ice-cold,

but it didn't seem to matter to her.

Her thin silky dress fluttered in the stormy wind.

Trees could hardly hold on to the ground,

but yet she stood as still as a rock on a windless day.

Her toes grazed the water, and felt the chills going down her spine.

She turned her head and smiled with her shining bright eyes.

I could see her skin glowing in the light of the moon.

She didn't freeze at all.

She turned around and spread her arms wide like an eagle,

flying in the sky.

In that moment all her thoughts flew away.

She waved goodbye to them like she was sending her children away.

A warm tear ran down her chin,

she knew, she would never see them again.

Her thoughts got lost in the wind,

and couldn't find home.

Because there was no home to find after that.

She looked down in the lake,

searching for the floor of the lake.

But there was no such thing,

she realized.

She smiled about that thought.

She had cut her wrists,

just to feel alive,

and now all the pain would finally be over.

A laughter slipped out of her mouth,

and i started to wonder.

How could she have so much joy,

yet so little happiness?

She had bottomed out bottles of vodka,

to feel nothing.

Yet she had more feelings,

than she ever knew about.

She had written in her journal,

to remember the good times.

Yet, they were never worth keeping.

She had starved herself, to feel pretty.

Because she never understood,

what an angel she was.

This girl could do anything in the world,

i knew.

But if she could swim,

I doubted.

She hoped though.

She hoped,

she couldn't.

She took a few steps back and looked playfully at me.

It all happened so quick.

I didn't have time to think,

what it meant.

She started running against the lake.

And then i realized,

what she was about to do.

I reached out to her,

but it was too late.


She had jumped.

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