Don't worry, they just don't understand

Warning: This is a girl X girl story.
This is a second from "I don't care what anybody says, I'll only listen to you"
In this story there is a little more lovey-dovey stuff and maybe a little...*Ahem* smut *Ahem* But Amanda and Felicia can't get away with anything, because parent's will find out about it eventually....How will each of their parent's react?......


1. It’s been a long time since then

It has been months since Felicia and I started dating, it was fall and we were in the middle of having art class. I had dazed out because… “Amanda? Amanda?!” “Yes?!” “Can you tell me what the opposite color of green is?” The teacher asked ‘Shit, what is it now?’ I thought “I-Is” “Orange? No, but close. Can anybody else tell me what the opposite color of green is?” And then I dazed out again. I got to myself when I heard Alex,Lou and Felicia said “Are you coming?” “Yeah yeah, just two seconds” I said, I packed my things and ran after them. “So, what are we having after this?” I asked “I But why do you ask? You always have your things in order” Alex said “Yeah, you have doze off a couple times now” Felicia said, I could see she was worried “D-don’t worry about it, I just asked” I said and tried to brush it off, “Oh yeah, we’re actually going to run a lot today” Lou said “How do you know?” Alex asked “I walked past our sport teachers yesterday and they said that we were going to run a lot or something like that” “Oh okay” I said, we walked up to our classroom and took our sport bags and walked to the sports hall. We waited for the teacher to lock the door up for both the boy’s and girl’s changing room, we were lucky. We had come before the two other 8th graders, me and my friends and….uhm...m-my girlfriend (I still need to get used to say that heh) We think the others are pretty annoying, I can’t really explain what’s annoying about them but...You know when someone is just really annoying in some way, like they just annoy you...Ya’ know. Anyway, when we were almost done the other 8th graders came and they began to talk to each other really loud and try to small talk with us, but we just ignored them “Omg, why are you ignoring me?!” One girl said with a high pitched voice “Probably because I don’t like you” “What was that?” She said “Huh?” I just said “What was what?” “That you just said” “I didn’t say anything” I said and looked like I didn’t know what she was talking about, “Well okay then” She said and began to talk to her friends about some really cheap makeup or something. When we were done we walked down some stairs to the sports hall and waited for the others to get ready, Alex already sat there and waited “Hey, you guys” He said “Hey” Lou said we just sat there and had a little chit chat. when all the other 8th graders came down the teacher began to talk about what we were going to do today “Okay, so for today we are going to run a little bit and play some games. Understand?” “Yes” We all said, we all got in a room where all the sport things were and began to take them out. “Okay, don’t take em’ all out. You need to un first” The teacher stopped us, we walked out and got on a line “Alright, I am going to set some music on and then you can run to that” We waited for the teacher to start the music, and was ready to run. When the teacher put on the music we all began to run, I don’t really do sports but I’m okay at it. I can also see that when I see Felicia, se can also run pretty fast but she doesn’t do sports either. When we were done the teacher said “Okay, that was great, now we gotta play some dodgeball” We made a lane, and got in teams. First it was the other 8th graders that played against each other, and then….it was us. (Now, the thing is...when you play against the other 8th graders they think it’s a game of “kill or be killed” So they are just going at it. It is a little rare but sometimes someone is gonna get hit badly by them. I hope they aren’t gonna hit Felicia) We began to play and as I told the others were just going at it. Some of us were close to get hit by the ball, but the worst hadn’t happened yet…..One of the other 8th graders had the ball and was ready to hit one of us with it, I thought she was going to hit one of the others but I knew she could see that Felicia was bad at dodging the ball so she throw it at her with full speed…...

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