Your Monsters Don't Scare Me

Elizabeth is a lonely girl only afraid of one thing; and it's not the monsters under her bed. every night, she is tormented by despicable creatures that are able to take on any form that hide under bed. she is not afraid of them, and when the master of these creatures, Lucifer, the Devil, hears of this, he makes point to find out why.


1. Lucifer's Fasination


Lucifer's POV

 "master..." manson's hiss drew out in a long breath, interrupting my trail of thoughts.

 "SILENCE PESAENT!" i bellowed, my roar echoing through the walls causing the moans of my lost souls to cry quite dreadfully louder. i felt a vicious grin erupted from my mouth.

 oh, Manson! you and the rest of the others give me such simple opportunities to abuse my powers with ease! how delightfully stupid you are!

 "but master, the girl-"

 "i said to SHUT THE FUCK UP!" i screeched, becoming more aggravated by the second. "WHAT PART OF THAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND?!" i rise from my chair stiffly and intolerable to myself moving. after all, i am still The Lord of Darkness, why should i have to do anything when i hold power to do everything, and even if that fails, i control everyone in hell, and there are so many here i lost track millenniums ago.

  i turn to face my most disgusting, reeking, foul, utterly evil demon in Hell. if it wasn't for that, he would have been banished to the pit of scrawny humans long ago.

  i could see him visibly cowering with fear and he unknowingly took a few steps back.

  this made me happy.

  i transformed into my most fear-inducing shape, to him at least. i racked his thoughts for his fears and used them against him.

  his jaw dropped and he nearly fainted at the sight of me.

  huh. you would have at least thought that these morons would have gotten used to this already.

 "master........there is trouble with the girl." mason said with his voice as wobbly as his knees.

  "what girl? a human? the word alone disgusts me! how dare you make me think of it?" i snarled, savoring the power that flows into my fingertips, and it tells him to smite this maggot right here and know.

   no, he is useful.

  i quench it back into my soul, a deliciously black one soul that has taken more years than time to turn it that color.

  "f-forgive me sir. i-i only m-ment to inform you of a si-situation in t-the bed d-department."

  "i stop your stuttering you babbling fool and 'inform me of the situation in the bed department'". i mocked.

  "well, there is a disgusting teenager named Elizabeth. ugh! what a disgusting name! anyway, i have sent eight of the boys to frighten her and all have quit, saying she does not frighten of us."

  i laugh incredulously, shaking my now disfigured head. "i don't believe you! if this is a joke, it is a rather good one, Manson!"

  "but, your highness, my Lord, My Majesty, i am not joking."

  my laughs begin to diminish into small giggles, and i wipe tears from my eyes. "i didn't catch that last part."

  "i'm not joking"

  i process that for a moment. a noise that sounds like Metallica solo being farted from a dragon's asshole filled the room.

  Mason tried to run but i lifted him by the throat and threw him into my fire place, where the most evil of human souls moaned. they toar at his flesh and ripped his hair, leaving bald patches randomly scattered on his wart covered head.

  monstrous screams came out of his mouth as Hitler's soul bit off one of his toes and shoved it up his nose.

  i giggled and pulled him from the fire.

  the remains of him is sobbing. i shook him and told him to find the most despicable monster in hell to torment her until she is in a coma. i tossed him out of my throne room where he hit the wall and crumpled on the floor. with the wave of my hand, my black, celtic knot covered door closed with a slam.

  i changed back into my natural form. a tall human man with black curly hair that flowed over his head in thick clumps that ended at his collar bone. he had stunning eyes; they are deep forest-green with flecks of gold in the iris, and silver ones in the green. a thin black rim circled them and made then gold and silver pop. he had stubble tracing his prominent jaw. he looks to be in his late twenties, and his hair fell around his face, causing most of his skin to be hidden, all but his eyes.

  i thought he looked mysterious and charming. i love it.

  i tossed myself on my black fur-covered bed and pulled up an image of the girl in question. she is gorgeous. Elizabeth, i think that is her name, has black straight hair that is thick and chopped in messy lairs. it flows down to her hips. she has delicate features, but her eyes contrast deeply. they are huge and dark but all i can see is a lair of sadness piercing through her innocent appearance. she has thick black eyeliner that is applied much too heavily. her short legs are covered with leather combat boots that lace up to her thighs. she is wearing a huge System of a Down tee shirt that has to be ten times her small frame. spiked bracelets and studded belts decorate her, and she seems lethal. she must be, to frighten my demons. i guess Elizabeth is about twenty-two or so. under all of that, i can see that she is very innocent, very pure. i am particularly amazed by this, because i have never seen anyone come out from one of my creatures without at least a corner of their soul being black and she has been through eight! but her souls is beautiful, it's colors shining and moving in waves, completely unscathed by life.

  i find myself completely fascinated by her, i am entranced by her colors.

  i resolve after long hours of entrancement to go to earth and examine her from a distance. it is the first time i will have left Hell in twenty decades. 

  "Manson! come to me, i need to prepare for a trip!"


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