World Of Faith

A boy named Leon gets teleported to another world and not only that, but as a wolf? Now he's on a journey to get his human-form back and return to his original world...


2. Where am I?

 I opened my eyes slowly, still with a headache. strangely my body felt light, but i couldn’t move. I tried so hard to stand up, but my body wouldn’t listen. What’s going on? When I think about it, Where am I? I looked around, but all I could see was green plains and the sea up ahead. There was also a big forest behind me. The bullies were gone, nowhere to be seen. They might still be trying to find right now or maybe they have already beaten me so much that I can’t even tell what’s real or not. But it’s fine. Right now I don’t really feel like doing anything. The grass was so soft, the feeling of the kind sun warming my back and the little breeze, was so comfortable. I looked up to the sky. It was unusually azure blue and very vast, but also so close. It was like you could touch it, If you just reach out to it.

It was nice. I could lay down here forever and ever, but I knew that I would eventually die from thirst or hunger if I didn’t do anything. Where would I even find something like that? First of all, I need information. That’s the basic rule of surviving. You can’t survive in unknown lands without information. At least that's what i have read about in a book. I still didn’t know where i was? Could it be? Was I teleported to another world!? No, that’s impossible, but then again, I don’t recognize this place at all and for some reason I can't move. Now that I think about it. My vision was unusually good, and I could hear far better than before. I could hear the wind pushing the water in the sea, the birds wings flapping. I could even hear my own heartbeat. I closed my eyes and tried smelling. A lot of different fragrances reached my nose. I could smell the all the animals, and what they were doing, where they will go, even when they will die.. I could also smell seawater, probably from the sea. There was also a kind of woody and dusty smell within the nice nature. I assumed that it was a village further in the forest.

I tried standing up again, but I couldn’t. Why wouldn’t my hands and legs do as I tell them? I looked down. But what I saw wasn’t a hand, I saw a big golden brown paw! What?! I tried lifting what appeared to be my paw and it worked! I slowly stood up on my feet, but fell down on all four again before I even had a chance to get up. I figured it out. I had four legs If it wasn’t for my own eyes, I wouldn’t believe it. Was I maybe not a human? Don’t tell me that I’m some kind of animal now?

Well, it would explain my supernatural senses, but this is just way too weird. It just can’t happen! Am I dreaming? You can only dream about places you have been, right? and somehow this doesn't feel like a dream. It all felt too real. Or maybe i'm dead and this is heaven? Just kidding, as if someone like me would ever go to heaven. I’ve never done anything to deserve the godly treatment. I tried to roll around in the soft grass, so I would end up on my back. I stretched my paws up towards the scorching sun. Yeah, this is definitely paws, and no doubt, mine. My mind was a complete mess. It wouldn’t take much more before I wouldn’t be able to tell right from left as well! I rolled around, so my back was facing the sun. I tried to lift myself with those paws of mine. I somehow managed to get up and stand. I slowly tried to walk. It became easier after a while. Besides I had four paws too balance on. I had a big body for an animal to be. Was I some kind of bear? I hope not. I can’t be a dog either, i’m too big, unless i’m some kind of mutant animal. who knows what exist in this world. I slowly walked to a little enemy territory, only failing and fall once or twice. I looked at the reflection in the water puddle. I wanted to confirm what I already knew. I’m a wolf! 


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