World Of Faith

A boy named Leon gets teleported to another world and not only that, but as a wolf? Now he's on a journey to get his human-form back and return to his original world...


1. Just a nerd

A nerd. That's what you would call me. Just an ordinary nerd. And not only that, but a pathetic one, victim to all bullies.

I was sitting on the roof while eating lunch. It was the only place where I could be alone, without the bullies. I was the only one who knew that I was up here. Despite all that, am I not all alone. I got a friend. A childhood friend or something like that. we used to be close, but since high school we haven't seen each other that much. I think she's avoiding me, maybe because of the bullies or because i'm so weak. You're maybe thinking - What's wrong with this whining guy?!

But if you knew me, you'll know why. I'm the smallest and weakest guy in the class and always the one sitting in the back, taking notes. Not because it's fun, but because no one really cares about me, and I got nothing better to do. Even the teacher would ignore me most of the time. I would usually hurry home after school, so those idiotic bullies wouldn’t find me. I'm pretty good at sneaking away from them and I’m pretty fast as well. Probably because I have been doing it since forever.

But today after school, those stupid bullies were more persistent than usual, and kept on chasing me. I ran all the way around the school, only to hide inside the school again. I could see the bullies through the window. It might take awhile before they disappear this time. They were after money. Might as well do my homework while waiting. I reached down to my bag, only to find an empty space. I had forgotten my books in the classroom. I sighed. The bullies were still outside, so why not go grab the books when I’m here anyways?

I walked up the stairs, to the second floor. Where was the classroom again? I would usually just follow some people in my class that I had spotted down in the yard. I tried to memorize how I usually walked. Great. My sense of direction has gotten worse lately. Now I can’t even find my way out.

“Where did that punk go? I’m hungry and need money!” Damn. The bullies caught up. I hurried into the nearest classroom, and hid under the teacher’s desk.

“Hey, that door is open!” Shit, I forgot to close the door. The bullies walked in. I could hear their footsteps. I held my breath, hoping that they wouldn’t notice me. I leaned closer to the back of the desk. As I leaned, I wondered when I would hit the end of the desk. If I didn’t time it right, It would give of some noise. I could see one of the bullies shadows. I tried to get further back. As much as possible. After a while, I tried to see the bullies shadows, But I couldn’t see them anymore. I leaned a bit more behind, guessing that the desk wall would be behind me. Wait, isn’t this a bit too far? I slowly turned my head, and looked behind. There was no desk. There was nothing. I couldn’t see anything. Only an endless darkness. It was too late. I lost my footing and fell. I fell and kept falling. My head started to spin around and everything around me started to get blurry. “what’s going on?!?” Not a sound came out. My voice wouldn’t come out? My whole body began to hurt and it felt like my head was gonna explode. I was losing consciousness. I felt tired all of a sudden. I tried my best to keep my eyes open, but the pain won, and took over everything. It all went black. Is this where I die?


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