World Of Faith

A boy named Leon gets teleported to another world and not only that, but as a wolf? Now he's on a journey to get his human-form back and return to his original world...


7. Church

“Priestess’ of god, we have brought the holy beast.” I entered the church, or, cottage with Blue, and as soon as we were in, the doors closed. I turned around, only to find a wall. Where did the door go? I looked around in slight panic. There were no lights and it was hard to see.

Blue? Are you here? I whispered.

Yes I am, so sit still and be patient. Blue sounded annoyed. It wasn’t a first, She always sounded annoyed.

I looked around again, in fear of something suddenly popping out, or a sudden voice.

“Don’t be so cautious” It’s here! A sudden voice actually came!

“You’re a funny one. We are the priestess’ sent by god. We welcome you to the church, holy beast” Suddenly, a long row of torches lit up, and a broad and long hallway was revealed.

What a long cottage… Wait, they can read my thoughts?

“Yes we can. We are here to help you understand.” I looked around to find out where the voice was coming from, but with no luck.

“Continue down the hallway. We’ll be waiting for you.” The voice faded away. I assumed that the hallway they were talking about was the hallway with all the lights. So I walked down the hallway to the opposite direction from the sudden wall, with blue sitting on my shoulder.

Tell me, who am I and why am I here? They told me they would help me understand, so I just asked questions, hoping for them to answer me.

Or, first of all, who is Blue? I nodded towards Blue as explaining who I was talking about.

“She is your guide.” The voice answered as if it was a weird question.

Whoa, a rude guide you’ve hired… I said accidentally without thinking and Blue looked annoyed at me.

Then, am I a magical wolf? I said to avoid the murderous glare that Blue was emitting. The voices started to laugh their hearts out.

“Yes, in a way. You’ve been sent here to this church because you have a mission to fulfill. You have to find your human soul that has been taken by a dark demon lord, but first you need to find five lost keys that will help you get stronger and strengthen your magic.”

Wait, magic? And human soul? Is that my human body? I half growled in irritation.

I don’t get it!

“Yes, your magic is the power of nature and your human soul is part of your body” I ran as fast as I could to the other end of the hallway with blue trying to catch up to me, but the hallway just continued and continued.

How long is this hallway!?

A little laugh came from the voices “Be careful of the monsters that was once human. We wish you luck”

Hey, I'm not done! I still got some questions!

The voices had disappeared and suddenly a strong and bright light appeared. I closed my eyes because of the brightness, and when I opened them again, I was sitting outside again with blue.

Wait, is this a fairytale or something. This must be a dream, but then again… This is too fishy!

What do you mean? Blue asked and looked at me as if I was stupid again.

Don’t you get anything!? This world need you and you need the world as well! Otherwise you won’t be able to find your human soul to return back to your world. Blue jumped up and down on my head.

Wait, how do you know I’m not from here? I sat down on the ground and waited patiently on the answer.

Well, because the priests told me. They told me to help you and about you. Guess i'll be with you for awhile. I sighed deeply and stood up again.

Okay, then let’s begin!

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