World Of Faith

A boy named Leon gets teleported to another world and not only that, but as a wolf? Now he's on a journey to get his human-form back and return to his original world...


3. Being a wolf

This can’t be happening…! I hit the puddle with my front paws, hoping that my reflection would revert back to human. No way, it’s really true! I really am a wolf! I couldn’t believe it. I was a little bigger than a normal wolf, but not as big as a bear. No, maybe I was. Maybe even bigger. I had golden brown fur and azure blue eyes. Is this me? I had a weird white pattern that winds around my eyes.  

I slowly stood up again, this is no time to be weeping. I should move forward. I looked around. But what should I do now? I tried smelling. Maybe I should try heading for the village? I need information! I slowly started walking towards the woody smell that probably were a village. I took a turn into the forest. A lot of different and new smells reached my nose. I could smell a squirrel jumping from tree to tree, a crow flying with its mate and something else. It had a terrible smell. Like a corpse or burnt flesh... I puckered my nose. Maybe it’s just me? I tried to ignore it and kept on walking deeper into the forest.

I got more used to moving around and I eventually learnt to fully control my new body. I was much faster than usual and also much more agile. It was fun running while feeling the wind rustling in my fur. I closed my eyes and let my instinct guide me.  I didn’t hit into any tree. It was like having a sixth sense. I could tell what was around me by hearing, smelling and feeling. It was like being one with everything! Is this how wolves feel like?

I Wanted to keep on running, but my stomach suddenly gave off a huge growling sound. sooo hungry… A sharp smell reached my nose. Blood? But it smelled so nice! I followed the scent. It lead deeper into the forest. Before I noticed, I was completely surrounded by trees. I sneaked around the trees and slowly got closer. Raw meat! But it was already rotten. I wasn’t sure if I should eat it or not. What if the one who killed it is nearby?. Is this even safe to eat? But the smell was really intimidating! I got closer. My nose touching the carcass now. Just a taste. I nipped a little to it first, but couldn’t resist. It was almost the most delicious taste I’ve ever had!  I took a big bite and easily went through its meat and bones. After a few bites I went back on my way to the village, feeling completely full. It was the best meal I’ve had for long now.

The village was a lot further away than I thought. It just proves how great my sense of smell is. It was incredible! I looked down at my paws. How fast can I run? I fastened my pace, and ended up running. The feeling of the wind was incredible! The wind from my pace made it feel as if my fur would get peeled off if I went any faster. Not in an unpleasant way of course. just, new.

I eventually reached a little lake. It was quite peaceful here, but there was this awful smell of burnt flesh. What is this? Something felt wrong, like I shouldn’t be here, but the water was so tempting. After running around like that, you get thirsty, besides what’s the worst that could happen? I carefully sneaked closer to the lake just to be on the safe side, but nothing happened. Maybe my intuition was wrong and it might’ve just been me being overcautious. Maybe there was nothing to be afraid of at all. I leaned my head towards the water and took a big gulp. It was so refreshing. I laid down on a big rock that was besides the lake. It was a beautiful place if only that disgusting smell wasn’t here. If I remember correctly I smelled the same smell before I came into the forest. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the smell. It was getting closer. The fur in my back began to rose, like when a dog is afraid or ready to battle. What’s going on?

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