Poetry Book

Various poems about pretty much anything


1. You're The Problem


Why am I angry?

Why am I sad?

Why do you catch me glaring, as if I am mad?

I’ll tell you why- and this might sound bad

You’re the problem

Why do I force a laugh?

Then break down and cry?

Why do I glare as you walk by?

There’s only one reason- you might not know why

You’re the problem 

Why do I force a smile?

Or laugh and sound fake?

Why do I lie and say it’s a mistake?

Why do I spend nights angry and awake?

You’re the problem

You ask if I’m fine

I say, yeah I’m good

You don’t know what’s wrong- and I don’t think you should

You might want to help, but I don’t think you could

You’re the problem

You might be my enemy

You might be my friend

We might be the grey that precedes the end

But one thing you’ve heard again and again

You're the problem

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