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  • Publiceret: 16 sep. 2016
  • Opdateret: 12 sep. 2016
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Clarabelle, Ethel and Elmo. Three friends. One mystery.
On a monday after the long summer vacation, the three inseparable friends Clarabelle, Ethel and Elmo are starting in 9th grade. It is monday, it is sunshine and everything is wondrous. Until they enter the classroom and see a strange girl standing at the lectern. When Ethel enters the room with Elmo, the girl is staring at her - all the way down to her seat and when the teacher enters the room. The three friends look up the strange girl's Facebook profile whose name is Abilene George, and they find a family photo of hers presenting a image of Abilene's family back in 1923. On the photo there's a girl who looks just like Ethel. What is going on?


1. A new year of school

The alarm clock that was formed like Minnie Mouse* was ringing and Ethel McGreen sat immediately up in her bed. She yawned, made chewing noises with her mouth and stretched her arms beyond her head. "Good morning, Superwoman," she said and smiled at her Superwoman carpet that was hanging on the edge of her bed. A tremendous scream broke the silence, "Ethel!" and Ethel sighed annoyed. "Breakfast is ready!" her mother bellowed. Ethel got up to go downstairs, as she opened the door a nice smell of waffles with syrup and jam and fresh fruit dish hit her nostrils. She hobbled down the stairs and jumped up on the chair at the dinning table in the dinning room. Her family was sitting there eating. "Good morning, Sunshine," her father smiled. "Howdy!" Ethel said scrounging. "I thought you were tired of that saying," her father objected. "I was," Ethel said. "But Elmo has begun using the saying again and now I am too." Her mother shock her head laughing. 



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