Promise! (A Poldark Novel)

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  • Publiceret: 14 aug. 2016
  • Opdateret: 23 aug. 2016
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Left alone to run the Estate and Mine while Ross faces trial for his life. Demelza, must do everything thing in her power to save her love. Death has already claimed her beloved child, Julia. She won't let it take her husband.

While receiving restless attacks from George Warleggan and others who hate Ross. Demelza turns to those who have always been close. Her cousin, Varity, Andrew, and Francis and Elizabeth, who feel indebted to her for saving their sons life. Together, they will fight for Ross to receive justice.


1. Chapter One

(Hey everyone! Just so you don't get confused about what's going on in the book. I picked up where season 1 of Poldark left off. Season 2 will be premiering September 25. I can't wait. Anyway if you don't know what's going on, you can always find out what happened by watching season 1. I hope you enjoy.)

A horse with two riders rode along a path not far from the sea. One was a tall man of stern features and short back curly hair. The other, a woman of far and light complexion with long curly fiery red hair. The horse stopped at a ledge and Ross dismounted before helping Demelza down. She was very frail, for she had not yet recovered her full strength.

Together they stood on the ledge of the cliff. Ross was holding Demelza close to him against the harsh cold winter wind. They both had received a hard and saddening blow with death of their child. Demelza buried her face in his chest and sobbed quietly for a long moment.

She lifted her head to look upon her husband, at least they still had each other. "Geoffrey Charles is well. We must take heart from that." She said looking out to the sea. 

"Can you?" Ross asked.

She nodded slightly. "And so must you. Will you make it up with Francis?" She asked.

"Even though he betrayed us?" He asked looking down to see her nod. "You make me ashamed," he continued,  "Your heart is so generous. You always see the good in things." Her took a deep breath and went on. "I will invite him to me at Wheal Leisue. Together we will try to resurrect the fortunes of the Poldark mines. Will that satisfy you?"

She nodded in acceptance. "So there is hope. And it will not have been for nothing after all." She looked down to Julia's bracelet once more before releasing it to the wind. Again, she buried her face against Ross' chest and sobbed. For a long moment they stood there in silence. It was only when soldiers approached, that their mournful quietness was broken.

"Captain Poldark?" Their leader called, causing Ross to jerk back and look at him. "I have orders to take you to Truro jail!"

"Oh what charge?" He asked shocked.

"Wreaking. Inciting a riot. Murder." He answered.

"Tis a mistake!" Demelza said, taking a protective step forward in front of her husband. "You can not believe it. Ross tell them!"

Ross gently place a arm around her. "Who accuses me?" No response. "Who accuses me?" Still no answer. He turned to his wife with a look concern.

"George!" Two guards stepped forward to take him into custody. Ross didn't resist them. He just kept his eyes on his love. As if trying to tell her that there would be nothing to worry about, that no matter what he would be coming home to her.  She tried in vain to hold back her tears, but soon they began to flow like rivers. Demelza stood there and watched the love of her life be taken from her sight. She had lost her daughter and husband in the same day.

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