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This is the story about Sam who is the first female member to join Sons Of Anarchy from Charming by Gemma. She gets the job by her smarts and her ability to hack into any computer file and search for evidence. Jax who is the president of the club doesn't approve of Sam's position in the club. Also Jax ends up wanting to be with Sam and tries everything to break it off with Luke. What will happen?


1. Chapters 1


  Sam pov: Today I arrived at the clubhouse where our club was gonna have our meeting. If you didn't already know i'm apart of a gang club, I am the first female member. I hopped off my bike and walked through the parking lot and saw Gemma who is Jax's mom also the queen of SamCro which is the name of our club. Gemma is the one who made the decision to let me become a member because she has this thing with me and Jax. Jax is the president of the club he makes all the big decisions. He is also her son. Gemma has been wanting Jax and I to get together for the longest but I don't know if I can do it.

 Gemma: *smiles* hey princess

Sam: hey ma *hugs her*

Gemma: how are you sweetheart

Sam: I'm ok

Gemma: ok well go on in they're waiting for you

I walked into the room and saw all the guys sitting down, I sat in my seat and the meeting began

Jax: the Irish isn't backing up we have to do something and do something quick. We have to find out about their gun shipment..guys we gotta head out and meet with the Nero he may know a way to help us we in   Guys: yay

When the meeting was over I pulled Jax aside    

 Jax: whats up

Sam: why didn't you ask me for help 

Jax: we don't need your help

Sam: really, you know I can help

Jax: listen princess just sit back and relax ok the guys and I got it

Sam: *sighs* Jax I haven't done an assignment in 2 weeks

Jax: its better that way *walks out*  

I walk out to the office where Gemma is and I knock  

Gemma: come in 

Sam: *walks in* hey

Gemma: *looks up* hey what are you doing here don't you have to go to Stockton

Sam: *sighs and sits down* nope

Gemma: why not

Sam: well according to Jax its better if I don't go

Gemma: what...that's not right you're a member, no Sam go

Sam: no Gemma I can't Jax would be really pissed

Gemma: listen you go i'll handle my son ok

Sam: ok  

I get up and hop on my bike and sped off to where the boys were, when I got there I hopped off my bike and walked to the door and saw it was shot opened I walked in and saw a box shot and broken  

Sam: *whispers* nice job Chibs *sarcastically*  

I continued walking around the big boxes till I saw the boys surrounded by guys with 4 men with guns pointed at them. I snuck closer behind the leader and saw how he raised his gun to Jax. I noticed Jax look at me I put my finger to my mouth to indicate to be quiet I moved back and quietly jumped on the boxes and pulled my gun out and shot the three guys. I saw Jax pull his gun out and shoot the leader before he can shoot. When the guys were dead I hopped down and saw Jax walk over to me very angry  

Jax: yo what the fuck was that

Sam: what do you mean

Jax: I told you not to come that we got it under control

​Sam: really, so what I just saw was you having it under control. I just saved all your asses. Who knows what would've happened if I didn't show up

Jax: it doesn't matter, you disobeyed my orders...lets go you're done

I walked out and hopped on my bike and went back to the clubhouse.                                                        


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