The Heir of Him

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  • Publiceret: 30 jul. 2016
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Thomas is a boy,the father of the dark lord,but what happpens when he befriends with his father's Enymy?Thomas embarks on a journey in the 5'th year of Harry Potter,Ronald Weasly and Hermione Granger's life,keeping his father at bay about sectrets he is never to tell.....


14. Hogstail Avenue Number 9

The house was dark and looomy,Hermione looked at Ron and then at Harry.

"Well this is the place.I don't see any danger.",said Hermione.She opened the gate,it squeaked.She went up the pathway but stopped at the porch.There was a package in brown paper.Adressed to them,it was tied with string.

She picked it up.Harry leaned over her shoulder reading it.

To:Harry Potter,Hermione Granger and Ron Weasly

From:Anerert Alberta Ginlet

Take care!

On behalf of Remus Lupin


DANGerous histOrY oF HogWarts

"Why must I always be last?",Ron said.

"This must be it then.Time to brew the potion then.I ques we can ue the room of no requirement?"

The two nodded.

Sorry for my long desearance.It has been hectic.I promise to update by Monday again.Lets see if we can finish this story!Please also go  and check out my other story,Royal Blood.


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