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  • Publiceret: 11 jul. 2016
  • Opdateret: 19 sep. 2016
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Digte og andre meget små ting, både på engelsk og dansk


1. Thoughts

The thoughts, they leave me breathless.

Always the same way endlessly,

When the thoughts come,

They hold me, restrain me,

Kiss me, burns me,

Offer me a way out, shatter me,

Builds up hope, then scar me again.


Life is a constant battle with small hopes,

That seems worth the constant struggle.

The thoughts tell me they aren’t,

The thoughts can make me doubt,

The thoughts can make me regret,

The thoughts can make me go wild,

Or fall apart with no sound.


My thoughts make my head a hell that only I can see,

My head is a prison with no key,

A breathing space with no air,

An ocean with no ability to swim,

A world with no sun nor moon,

A forest with no growth,

A crowd with no cheer.


Listening to my thoughts is like hearing everything,

But yet there is nothing worth hearing,

Music with no tone,

Talk with no pause,

Insults with no context,

Screams with no end,

A mind with no reason.

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