The Devil's Maze

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  • Publiceret: 25 jun. 2016
  • Opdateret: 2 maj 2019
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Blake, Amber and Andrew gets the surprise of their life, after dying in a car crash. They not only get to meet the one and only Devil, but they get invited to stay in his home, which might just lead to something more.

This is the first time I'll write in English, so please bear over with me


8. 7 Chapter

The sweat stood as pearls on my forehead, and all the walls started to look identical. Big white spots formed in front of my eyes. Every step was heavy and unstable. I had to involuntarily stop up, fearing I might fade if I didn’t. I crawled into a little ball on the ground, up against one of the walls. The air was so thick and sticky that I barely could beath, and the wall was so ice cold, that it made me shiver when I touched it. The dead plants crumbled as I leaned back on to them, making them fall apart. The horrible sound made me uneasy. The uneven wall poked painfully into my back, but I chose to ignore it, and focus on my breathing. Taking one big breath in and slowly breathing out again. So I continued doing, trying to make my thoughts more clear, so I could get control over the situation. The only thing I could hear was my own heart beating and something mysterious creeping around in the distance.

As I sat there I noticed that the sky hasn't changed at all. I had no idea how long or far I had been running. I could have run round in circles for all I know. Or maybe I was right in the middle of this endless maze. All I knew for sure was I was completely lost.

Some footsteps sounded right in front of me, but instead of the monster, I had expected, it was a human. A completely normal human being, except for her yellow eyes. It was even a beautiful human. A woman. She had long slightly curly blonde hair, and she was wearing a nightgown that once was white, but now was all dirty. She didn’t at all seemed surprised to see me. It was the total opposite of me, who was starting to believe a was seeing visions. I was just staring blankly at her, but she just smiled. “Hey, I’m Alice.” She reached out a helping hand to me.

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