The Devil's Maze

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  • Publiceret: 25 jun. 2016
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Blake, Amber and Andrew gets the surprise of their life, after dying in a car crash. They not only get to meet the one and only Devil, but they get invited to stay in his home, which might just lead to something more.

This is the first time I'll write in English, so please bear over with me


6. 5 Chapter

The five unknown women glazed blankly at me without one single stray of happiness in their faces. An awkward silence filled the air as I tried to find something to say.

“So…” I said with an awkward smile and looked nervously around. “Any ideas?” None of the ladies answered, so I just ended up picking the first thing that came into my mind: Crab Risotto with asparagus. I distributed the different roles to the women.

I was cleaning the crabs together with one of the women. She had big black curly hair, exotic skin color,and brown eyes. At first glaze, she didn’t look like one who understood English, but I took the chance.

“Hey, uhm…” How do I phrase this probably? “Why are you here?”  At first, she just stared at me like it was the most obvious thing, but then she started talking.

“He owns me.” She said joylessly. I couldn’t help myself from staring at her, completely confused and concerned

“What do you mean?” I asked

“I had brain cancer and was dying really fast, but the Devil offered to cure me for only the small price of my soul. I was so stupid and agreed to the deal, just for my boyfriend dying of cancer a few months later.” Her story filled me with such anger

“What about you?” I asked another woman. She had blond hair, big breast, and tan skin.

“You probably heard the rumors about singers selling their souls for fame, well I actually did it.  And it worked, in those 24 hours I was alive while my album was nr.1. I was killed in a car accident.”  I didn’t even have to ask the next women, she began telling her story on her own.

“My husband and I always wanted a child, so I sold my soul to get pregnant. It worked, and it all went as planned, but the day I gave birth the baby was dead.  I never succeeded conceived again, and I went down with terrible depression. After that, I couldn’t even adopt. I killed myself the day I got the news.” The next girl followed up. She was really young, maybe 16-17 years old.

“I sold my soul to live forever. He just never told me that, forever would be here in hell as his slave. I wanted to test if I really was immortal, but I ended up killing myself instead.”

“I did it for love.” The last girl said. “I thought happiness would come with a boyfriend, and I was happy, for a while. Then he went crazy and killed me.” I was left feeling sick and full of disgust. Now I had my good reasons to hate that monster. He was a despicable and slunk man. We had to get away from here before it was too late. Before we were stuck in hell forever.

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