The funeral

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  • Publiceret: 13 jan. 2017
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Harry's loss of his beautiful girlfriend Jessie has taken rough on him.
This is the back story from the funeral told from Harrys point of view.


1. the funeral

"Harry I know its though but you have to get up!" Niall was standing by the side of my bed and had been standing there for the last hour...

"Leave me alone" I snored and turned away from him

"Harry I know you are having a hard day but you have to get up, do it for her"

Niall sighed " she derserves that you are there for her last goodbye"

I looked out of my window without seeing anything... all I saw was her beautiful face smiling back at me from above...

"You don't know how it feels to loose a person that important in you're life" I said to him while I climbed out of bed

" Harry! She was just as important to me as to any of us!! I lost her too and I can insure you that even tho she wasn't my girlfriend it hurts just as much!" Niall sounded sad and angry at the same time..

I looked at him and saw a tear running across his cheak, " I'm sorry Niall I just don't know how to handle this" I said with a sore voice.

"I know Harry... that's why we are here to help you get through it" Niall laid his arms around me and gave me a big hug.

"Thanks Niall" he looked at me with a tinted smile " of course" " no really thank you for this, for all of it"

He smiled at me and left me alone in the room to get dressed.

30 minutes later I was standing on the floor in a black suit and a pastel pink tie...

I went downstairs to find the others ready to go.

We went in the car, Niall was driving while I was in the front seat. The others were in the back seat.

The first thing we did was go buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Then we went to the church, the rest of her family was gathered outside of the church waiting for me.

I opened the door and took a deep breath,

I stepped out of the car and slowly walked over to the family.

When I arrived her mother gave me a big hug, looked me in the eyes and said " Harry I really want to thank you for what you did for her...

She loved you and I could see that you loved her back, even in her last weeks. You changed her life too the better and I'm forever thankful for that".

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